Located in the near north side of Chicago in Andersonville, m. henry is a restaurant specializing in breakfast and brunch items. That being said, it serves lunch and offers carry out options from its in-store bakery as well.

Photo courtesy of m. henry

The first thing you notice about m. henry is its charming and humble exterior. With its small storefront and muted color scheme, it’s a hidden jewel amidst its neighbors. However, once you go in you enter a separate world. With its mostly wooden interior adorned with flower pots and colorful paintings, the atmosphere is cozy yet modern. The sunlight coming in from a large picture window facing the street offers a warm, comforting glow.

Shiraz glazed salmon salad – Photo courtesy of m. henry

m. henry’s cuisine focuses mainly on new American food made with local and seasonal ingredients, offering a balance of healthy, wholesome items as well as your occasional indulgence. Though I was only able to try their breakfast, all of their menu items seem to strive for a classic feel with a sophisticated twist.

Blackberry bliss cakes – Photo courtesy of m. henry

I ordered the peach and sour cherry bliss cakes, which was a weekend special and a twist on their usual breakfast favorite, blackberry bliss cakes (pictured above). For a savory component — I’m a firm believer in sampling both sides of the flavor spectrum — I got Jorge’s black bean cakes & huevos borrachos (drunken eggs).

Out of this world breakfast bread pudding – Photo courtesy of m. henry

The bliss cakes were the best hotcakes I’ve ever had; they were fluffy, thick and light. The vanilla mascarpone cream filling was tangy and offered a lightly sweet contrast to the tartness of the sour cherry and peach compote. For some crunch, there was a crust of brown sugar and oats on top of the hotcakes. Soft, crunchy, sweet, tart and creamy all in one perfectly portioned dish.

Jorge’s black bean cakes were homemade and served with masa harina tortillas, chorizo and eggs, all topped with adobo sauce, avocado and queso fresco. For a vegetarian option, there’s a choice of soy chorizo and scrambled tofu as well. The black bean cakes were hearty and packed with bold, southwestern flavors, complimented by the chewiness of the tortillas and the creaminess of the avocado and egg yolk.

Fannie’s killer fried egg sandwich – Photo courtesy of m. henry

Though I only got a taste of what m. henry had to offer, I could tell from the amount of people in the restaurant and the good-humored wait staff that m. henry is more than a restaurant known for its food. I look forward to eating there again one day.