Rotterdam's food scene is becoming more interesting and diverse by the month and there are some awesome gems walking distance from Blaak. It'll take a while to try out all the places to get lunch around Nieuwemarkt but we've narrowed down five of our favourites to try on those busy uni days. 

1. Poke Bowls at Poke Bowl Rotterdam

This delicious Hawaiian rice bowl is a great noontime meal. With choices of proteins including tuna, salmon, tofu, and chicken plus additional add-ons ranging from seaweed salad to mango your tastebuds will be tingling. To top it all off they have homemade sauces, which you can mix together to customize your lunch. Although a little more pricy for a lunch time meal, the 8 euro bowl (9 with tuna) are sure to satisfy anyones cravings. 

2. Vietnamese Baguettes at Boguette

These sandwiches are an invited change from your daily lunch "broodje". Typical to Vietnamese style these sandwiches start with a warm crunchy baguette and are layered with chili, cilantro, cucumber, carrot, radish, special mayo, and your meat of choice (I love the five spice chicken). Prices are around the five-euro and the meal can be rounded of with a wide variety of bubble tea.

3. Pita at the DeliGriek

pepper, cheese, chicken, bread, sandwich, salad, meat, lettuce, tomato, vegetable
Anteia Win

If you're looking for something filling yet healthy then check out the DeliGriek. It's tasty, quick and perfect for a take-away or sit-in lunch. The menu starts with a choice of pita (normal or whole grain), a choice of meat, roasted veggies, and/or halloumi (my favourite), followed by veggies and a sauce. Perfect for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, the food is fresh and the service friendly. Depending on the filling you get the pita wraps start at the five euro mark. 

4.  Panzerotto at Panzero

A warm, cheesy, oozy panzerotto (deep fried calzone in olive oil) from Panzero is all you need to get over those midday blues. With great variety, authentic flavors, and prices starting at 6 euro these little pockets of love cannot be beat. 

5. Tapas at SolFood

When you cannot make up your mind on what to eat, head on over to SolFood. With an array of fresh-made breads, salads, and snacks anyone can find exactly what they are looking for. 

Here are five of our favourite places to get lunch around Nieuwemarkt, so close your laptop and go feed yourself with a nice meal that will keep you powering through the rest of your day.