It all started with delivery pizza. Then, it graduated to sandwiches. Even cookies like the ones grandma used to make have been added to the list. Now, to complete your fast-food delivery service fantasies, fresh, hot burrito bowls and tacos can be delivered right to your doorstep.

That’s right. Chipotle, the king of fast-food burritos itself, will now be delivering to LSU’s campus.

Gone are the days of waiting in long lines, panged with hunger-induced agony as the restless brains of those in front of you can’t decide whether or not they want to spend the extra $1.95 on gauc. Amateurs.


Photo by Julie Mirliss

Wondering how to get a burrito bowl right now without even having to put pants on? Simply download the mobile ordering app Tapingo, free of charge, and all of dreams of having Mexican food delivered straight to your door will come true.

Not from LSU but wondering if this must-have delivery service is offered at your school? According to Buzzfeed News, Tapingo expects to be delivering Chipotle to hungry college students across 100 campuses by Spring 2016.