We tried out a new Fairfield restaurant at the end of February called Lovebird. Lovebird opened in November of 2021 on Black Rock Turnpike. Although there are some locations in Pennsylvania, this location is one of a kind! Here's what we loved about Lovebird.

What do They Offer?

As you might've guessed, Lovebird is primarily a chicken restaurant. They serve chicken on its own (popcorn chicken or leg/thigh, breast/wing) and chicken sandwiches. But their menu doesn't stop there! They also serve salads and bowls. This visit, we didn't get any chicken on its own, but from the sandwich menu, we got the Baja Bird and The Lovebird.

The Baja Bird was topped with chipotle mayo, queso fresco, fresh pico de gallo, cilantro, and lettuce. We got it with a side of their crispy brussel sprouts.

Laina Bayles

The Lovebird was topped with Lovebird slaw, Lovebird Special Sauce, pickles, and lettuce. We got it with a side of fried pickles. The fried pickles were delicious on their own but even better when dipped in their sauces. Our favorite sauce was either the Lovebird Special Sauce or the sweet chili. 

Laina Bayles

You might be wondering what all the wonderful sauces are. There are the six signature sauces: Lovebird Special Sauce, honey mustard, chipotle mayo, spiced local honey, sweet chili, and spicy buffalo. Although we tried all the sauces with fried pickles, I can't wait to come back and try the wings or popcorn chicken with every sauce!

We loved both sandwiches. The chicken was some of the best fried chicken I've had on the East Coast! There was a perfect crunch and it didn't feel super heavy to eat. 

What Else is Special About Lovebird?

If you're gluten free or vegetarian, don't feel like you're missing out. Everything at Lovebird is gluten free except for the brioche bun!

I decided to explore their vegetarian options. Any of the chicken sandwiches can be substituted for miso-garlic tofu and the bowls and salads can be topped with miso-garlic tofu. 

I ordered the South by Southwest bowl,  topped it with the tofu, and got a side of their Mac and cheese (yes, also gluten free). The bowl was a tuscan kale and quinoa base topped with black beans, diced red pepper, pico de Gallo, and a cilantro lime vinaigrette. 

Laina Bayles

I loved this salad, it tasted super fresh and the tofu was cooked to perfection - which is hard to do. However, my favorite part was the dressing, it pulled everything together very nicely. The Mac and cheese was also delicious, I couldn't tell that it was gluten free!

They also sold an array of East Coast Kombucha which is Connecticut made in Norwalk, CT! This was some of the best kombucha I've had and it's even better since it's made locally. 


We loved Lovebird. When we left, we talked about how we couldn't wait to go back to try more of the items on the menu. This should definitely be a Fairfield staple since it is fresh and fast.

If you're a Fairfield University student, you're in luck because you can get a 20% discount on in person or over the phone orders! Show your student ID in stores or mention you go to Fairfield U over the phone!