If the city of New York ever dies down, the two things that it should be known for are its views and its unique food and drinks. Proof of this would be taking a visit to Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar for their popsicle drinks.

The best way to describe these popsicle drinks would be to say that wine and popsicles are in the process of having kids and wanted to merge themselves together to show the world how much they love one another. 

How to navigate the ordering process:

To start off your order, you can either choose between having prosecco (which is Italian white wine) or rosé as the "base" of your popsicle. All this does is say which wine Loopy Doopy will pour in the bottom of your glass/cup of your popsicle drink.

After picking your base for your drink, you get to choose which popsicle you want to order off of their menu. Their options include blackberry sour, pink lady sangria, strawberry rose gin, pear ginger crush, and blubbery de cana. One thing that stands out about each of these popsicles is that they're all made with alcohol.

Blackberry Sour + Pink Lady Sangria Popsicles

Loopy's blackberry sour popsicle (which is absolutely delicious) is made with whiskey and blackberries while their pink lady sangria popsicle is made with red wine. With the pink lady sangria, you'll be ordering wine on top of wine with notes of apples and cherries, which would be every wine lovers dream.

Strawberry Rose Gin + Pear Ginger Crush Popsicles

Their strawberry rose gin is made with gin (duh - the name could've told you that). If you choose to go with this flavored popsicle, try your very best to focus on the taste of the strawberries and rose water that they also use in this popsicle. On the other hand, their pear ginger crush is a simple mix between vodka and pear ginger.

Blueberry de Cana Popsicle

The last popsicle that you're able to select from would be their blueberry de cana flavor, which is made of this blueberry parsley mix and rum. Whichever flavor you end up ordering, you won't be disappointed since they're all not overbearing - they're relaxing. 

What to do after ordering:

Once you have ordered your popsicle, enjoy the amazing view of the Hudson River. It's one of the best views in all of New York. Just look at it.

Then when your popsicle drink comes, take a photo of it by the view for an even better view.

Nothing can beat an already amazing view with absolutely amazing drinks.

If you can't get to New York, you can recreate this experience at home. The only con would be that you won't have the views but you will have the booze, so you're winning either way.