When looking for a place to get lunch or dinner, the most popular and frequented restaurants for Northeastern students are located on Huntington Avenue, in Fenway, and in Back Bay. However, a hidden gem, located on Tremont St. (the Columbus Ave. side of campus) is Bangkok Pinto, which has some of the best Thai food near Northeastern!

Opening in 2016, this has been a popular spot among Northeastern students, due to their great food and the AMAZING people that work there (shoutout to their sweet and friendly owner!). In addition, their Instagram loves to feature  Northeastern students who frequent the joint, as well as their tasty food! Bangkok Pinto also takes Northeastern's Husky and Dining Dollars, which is amazing for students looking to save money but who want a great meal.

Although Bangkok Pinto mostly does takeout, there are a few tables located inside, which would be open during non-pandemic times, where you can enjoy your meal with friends. However, their takeout service has been a great option during COVID-19, as you are able to order delicious Thai food to go! (TIP: If you want to beat the line, order ahead on their app, and pick it right up when it's ready!)

Bangkok Pinto offers many options to choose from on their menu!  Here are our personal recommendations for your order:


On their menu, Bangkok Pinto has 18 different starters to choose from! These include their homemade Shumai, Chicken Satay with peanut dipping sauce, and their signature Pinto Chicken Wings.

However, if you love fried wonton, crab, and cream cheese, Crab Rangoon is your perfect appetizer, paired with a pineapple dipping sauce!

Chrissy Benson


For your main dish, almost everything is customizable, as you get to select your own protein, or stick with their veggie bases. Their most popular dishes include noodle dishes like Pad Woon Sen (clear rice noodles with egg, veggies, and your choice of protein), fried rice like Bangkok Fried Rice (veggies, egg, and a protein) or stir-fry options like Pad Gra Pow (minced chicken or pork, red pepper, green beans, and basil in a chili sauce)!

You can also try their 'Special Rice Plates' and noodle dishes that come with their signature Crispy Chicken or Crispy Pork Belly, including their Crispy Pork Belly Fried Rice (one of their best sellers!).

Looking for something spicy? Bangkok Pinto also offers a variety of curry options including Massaman Curry, a mild choice that comes with carrots, sweet potato, onion and peanut, as well as their Drunken Noodles, a spicy stir-fried noodle dish with egg, vegetables, and a hot basil sauce!

Writer's Notes

When we visited this restaurant on Tremont St., we ordered the Shrimp Pad See Ew and the Shrimp Pad Thai with veggies. If you love sweet sauces, or crave a smoky peanut dish, we highly recommend these dishes!

TIP: Take your meal to one of Northeastern's tents for a socially distanced spot to enjoy your meal.

Less than a five minute walk from 10 Coventry, Lightview, and Davenport A and B, stop by Bangkok Pinto for an amazing meal!