Afternoon tea is a ritual that dates back to the 1800's, and it used to be a private social event for royals or noblewomen. The afternoon tea tradition later evolved into a full-blown social event that people anticipate, sort of like a "mini meal" before dinner where people can socialize over British tea, finger sandwiches, and petit fours. 

A British couple opened up London Tea Room in St. Louis in 2007 with one goal in mind: to bring traditional English tea culture to St. Louis and present it in a contemporary light. As a regular customer myself, I believe they have accomplished their mission to bring the British tea culture into the St. Louis food scene perfectly. 

The Tea

Rachael McMillin

Serving over 80 different varieties of loose leaf tea, London Tea Room is the ideal place to get your tea fix and feel like a true Brit. They purchase their teas from organic or fair trade tea estates. In their shop, you can find any kind of tea from English breakfast tea, to Moroccan mint tea. My personal favorite is the Parisian breakfast tea, which has notes of vanilla and orange, and pairs perfectly with a cranberry orange scone. 

The Food

London Tea Room's menu includes delicious pastries such as flaky classic croissants, rich chocolate croissants, buttery scones, madeleines, tea breads, and a variety of cakes. These are perfect for breakfast or simply as an afternoon snack with your afternoon tea. Choosing what pastry to get was almost impossible, but I ended up picking a cranberry orange scone with lemon curd. I think it was the best decision I could've made. 

Lissane Kafie

They also serve lunch items like sausage rolls, tomato soup, and Cornish pastries as well as the traditional quiche Lorraine, a ham and cheese quiche, and a spinach and gruyere quiche. I picked a quiche Lorraine for breakfast, and it had a buttery crust with a rich bacon, tomato, and cheddar filling. 

The Environment

Lissane Kafie

When you step into London Tea Room, it's essentially like stepping into an episode of Downtown Abbey, or like you're about to sit down for a cup of tea with Kate Middleton. The marble tables and wide windows give the space so much life. The place's aura is almost soothing and comforting. This place is perfect for simply getting a cup of tea and reading a book by yourself or catching up with a friend. 

The Store

Lissane Kafie

The London Tea Merchant is the section of the store that sells everything from classy tea cups and tea pots to artisanal jams, lemon curds, and honey. You can also choose from any of the teas they sell in store, and take a bag of loose leaf tea home with you. You can also order their teas online and get them shipped to your doorstep. 

London Tea Room is literally the best place in St. Louis to grab a cup of tea with amazing food, and a cozy atmosphere. It is the contemporary British tea room you didn't know you needed. 


3128 Morganford Road, St. Louis, MO, 63116

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Sunday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM