If you thought Christina Tosi’s Cereal Milk was the best thing to happen to your nostalgia, think again.

In London, there’s actually a cereal-themed cafe called Cereal Killer Cafe. At this hip spot in London’s East End you can order from over 120 types of cereal that come from all over the world. Oh, and you can choose choose from 30 different kinds of milk to pair with it. Talk about the breakfast of champions.

Their menu divides the cereal into three categories: American, British and Global. They’re known to carry outrageously hard-to-find or limited edition cereals as well, like Disney Frozen, French Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms St. Patrick’s Day. Hint: Time to take a trip across the pond.

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As a warning, not all of the milk choices are necessarily what us Americans would consider milk. Obviously you can choose from whole, semi or skim. But other options include natural yogurt, white chocolate syrup and mint syrup. Did I mention you can add up to 20 different toppings to your cereal bowl as well? Game. Changer.

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Aside from the food, the cafe is also full of memorabilia from the 80s and 90s. And unlike the few cereal cafes that exist in America, this UK hotspot actually brings you back to your fondest childhood memories.


Photo courtesy of Cereal Killer Cafe

I mean, just check out their setup. You can break your mom’s old school rules by eating breakfast in bed.

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Other items on their menu include toast, Pop-Tarts, drinks and cereal cocktails – which are predetermined cereal mixes that free you from making that tough call of which cereal you should get.

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For more on this insanely cool cafe, take a look at this video.