The lobster roll is the poster child for East Coast grub. We southerners rarely get to enjoy the delightful treat because we are so far away from the source of this delicious creation (also known as the ocean). Sometimes, however, we get lucky and find one of the few restaurants in Austin that serves up this bad boy. Places like Perla’s on SoCo, Clark’s Oyster Bar on 6th and the Dock and Roll Diner are a few of the establishments in Austin with a lobster roll on the menu.

Dock and Roll exterior

Photo by Christin Urso

The Dock and Roll Diner is a food trailer with two locations in Austin. One is located on South 1st and the other is in Westlake. From its classic “Maine Event” to the “El Fuerte Roll” with cilantro and Serrano sauce, Dock and Roll aims to please every palate. It also has non-lobster menu items like the “Bacon Love,” consisting of chicken-fried bacon (yes, you can chicken-fry bacon), tomatoes, romaine and feta-ranch spread. Yum.

I got the Maine Event because I enjoy a classic lobster roll. Decadent chunks of lobster meat placed within a doughy, toasted bun and  held together with house mayo and a tad of lemon butter makes this the perfect treat. The roll came with house potato chips that were perfectly fried, but could have used a touch more salt. I would have tried the tater tots, but sadly I also wanted to try the elite salad because I’m a sucker for Mexican street-corn, but around close sometimes that item is not available, so get there early if you plan to order it! (Get a look at that chicken fried bacon too)

Full meal at Dock and Roll

Photo by Christin Urso

The lobster roll was tasty but I wish it had more seasoning and a bit more mayonnaise; call me picky. There was plenty of lobster meat to satisfy any shell fish lover and the bun was yummy too, but it did not have a brushing of butter which I usually expect from such a dish. I did indulge a little, however, because I couldn’t resist trying the chicken-fried bacon. I mean, how many times do you see that on a menu? It was kind of strange, but actually very good (when is anything with bacon bad?).  Overall, I enjoyed my meal, but if I was in the kitchen, I would have added more flavor to the lobster roll. I also wish I could have ordered the elite and the tater tots. But if you are looking for decent lobster roll that won’t (totally) break the bank, it is definitely worth your while to check out Dock and Roll.


Hours of Operation: Mon- Closed; Tues/Wed: 11AM-3PM, Thurs-Sat: 11AM-8PM; Sun: 11AM-3PM
Locations: 1503 S. 1st St; 1905 S. Capitol of Texas Hwy