Who doesn’t love brunch?! It is the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch foods, throughout the whole day. For college students, this meal is a great way to kick off the weekend and spend time with friends. However, many students shy away from going out to brunch because of the cost. I am here to share with you the most delicious brunch in Harrisonburg, that wont break the bank.

When you first step into the Little Grill Collective, it feels like home. From the interior design, to the friendly staff , this Harrisonburg brunch spot has it all. My family and I have been coming here for brunch, since my first summer orientation at JMU. 

Shelby Dictor

Little Grill Collective's Aesthetic

The atmosphere is something that makes customers feel right at home and comfortable in the environment. They even include games and cards at each table, to play while waiting for your food to be served. The décor is vintage- inspired and makes you feel like you could be eating in your own dining room. After a long week, full of football games and schoolwork, this the perfect place to relax and start the weekend

The Little Grill Collective's delicious food

Not only is the décor comforting, the food is absolutely delicious and it is all organic and from local farmers. It is great to see a thriving business supporting the local community in this way.

The Little Grill, has made quite a name for themselves. However, I still think that more JMU students should be going to this spot for all of their brunch needs. The menu consists of all locally sourced produce and fruit that they creatively incorporate into each of their meals.

The Little Grill is one of most affordable brunch Harrisonburg. You can get a delicious meal, like their famous blue monkey pancakes, for less than $10 for a tall stack. Yum! Since a majority, if not all of their produce is from farmers, they tend to have specialty items based on the season. For fall, they feature pumpkin spice pancakes and apple cider pancakes. What’s not to love about that? If seasonal spices aren’t your things, the menu is overflowing with delicious and unique items.

If seasonal spices aren’t your things, the menu is overflowing with delicious and unique items. They have a wide variety of omelets, egg sandwich, French toast and pancakes. My personal favorites on the menu , are the veggie omelet and the cinnamon sourdough french toast!  Both are unique and delicious in their own way. 

Their lunch menu, which is from Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday, features all of the above items and various sandwiches, burrito bowls, salads and wraps. They incorporate vegan and vegetarian options to nearly all of their meals. There is something at the Little Grill, for everyone to enjoy! A crowd favorite is their breakfast burrito. It is served with cilantro lime rice, chipotle black beans, cheddar cheese and sour cream. It is a delicious and unique meal to start off your day! 

When you are in Harrisonburg, be sure to stop be The Little Grill to satisfy all of your cravings!