Little Baby's Ice Cream is a quirky little shop in the middle of the quirky little neighborhood of West Philadelphia.  Sitting at the divergence point of Baltimore Ave., it is not too well known by most Philadelphians. I, however, am here to change this unfortunate fact because Little Baby's is the ice cream you did not know you needed in your life.

Josie Shapiro

To call the store's flavors "unconventional" or "experimental" would be facetious; they are beyond wacky. Famous for flavors like Pizza, Pumpkin Curry, Everything Bagel, and Sage Cranberry Swirl, Little Baby's never disappoints in pairing unlikely flavors to create many a cold and creamy magnum opus. In addition to their flavors, they also have a myriad of non-dairy flavors and cookies for those who are not so adventurous. Do not be fooled though, Little Baby's has a wide array of relatively conventional ice cream flavors like Cardamom Caramel, Smoked Cinnamon, and Speculoos.  

My Last Taste Test  

Josie Shapiro

Writing for Spoon University is awesome because it gives me the excuse to go out and eat six scoops of ice cream. As per usual, I was not disappointed. Arriving at Little Baby's, I was a somewhat overwhelmed by the assortment of flavors on the board: Pizza, Cucumber Dill, Pumpkin Latte, Pumpkin Speculoos, Butterscotch Scotch, Chocolate Cookie Dough, Vanilla Currant, Kale Smoothie, and so many more. Naturally, in the name of Spoon University, I ordered the sampler platter: a plate of six half-scoops of ice cream.  

1. Pizza

Josie Shapiro

To me, this was one of those things that you order one time in your life to say that you "tried it." Not being a huge fan of my ice cream tasting like refrigerated spaghetti and meatballs with a dash of oregano, I was not a huge fan of this flavor. But hey, do not be discouraged from trying it. If they keep making it— and they are famous for it— there are definitely some people that have to like it!

2. Pumpkin Speculoos

Josie Shapiro

If you have read any of my previous articles, you will know how much I love pumpkin. That being said, I could not help but indulge myself with this flavor. It was really just to die for. Pumpkin-y and creamy with chunks of delicious speculoos in it, it was just, wow. This flavor is like ambrosia of the gods. Lowkey, if they keep it on their menu, I might look like a pumpkin by the end of this semester...

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Josie Shapiro

Also, if you have read my past articles, you might think that I am pumpkin spice latted-out (yes, I know "latted" is not a word nor is it plausible to be "latted out," especially as a college student.) Well, you would be wrong if you assumed so because this flavor was also amazing. It was bitter from the espresso and sweet from the pumpkin, and that combination made me feel like it was alright to eat ice cream when it was 39 degrees outside.

#SpoonTip: regardless the temperature, it's always okay to eat ice cream.

4. Kale Smoothie

After trying the pizza ice cream, I thought to myself: "this one is going to suck too."  Well, it did not disappoint.  At home, I use frozen kale to thicken my vanilla protein shakes (I gotta get those greens in somehow) and this is exactly what it tasted like: mostly just vanilla. So, if you ever want to feel better about eating dessert, just order this ice cream because the name is "healthier."

5. Butterscotch Scotch

This flavor is a staple for me any time I go to Little Baby's.  There is no other way to describe it than divine.  Basically, you feel like you're in Hogsmeade drinking butter beer.  No further explanation needed.

6. Currants and Cream

Josie Shapiro

Hanging on the flavor sign, next to Currants and Cream, was this intimidating sign that said "one scoop left." How could I ever walk out of Little Baby's knowing that I did not get the last scoop of the first ice cream of the day to sell out? Well, inevitably I did. This flavor was amazing. It was just a simple vanilla with the flavoring of black currants that perfectly complemented each other. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Little Baby's is the ice cream that you did not know you needed. Its multitude of flavors can appease even the pickiest of palates; I would definitely recommend it to anyone.  As a side note, they are opening another store on 34th and Walnut St. so that Penn and Drexel students will have easier access to this awesome place. If you haven't been before, make the trek out to their West Philly or Fishtown locations. I promise that you will not be disappointed.