There are quite a few wineries spread across Kansas. However, none compare to Liquid Art Winery, located right here in the Little Apple.

Jami Harrison

Liquid Art Winery and Estate is fairly new to the area and people are quickly discovering its existence. The winery offers a great selection of wines and hard ciders, as well as amazing property and great views.

However, the couple that made it all happen are just as important (if not more) than the winery itself.

Their Story

Meet David and Danielle Tegtmeier. The story of how they met is incredible. They met at none other than Kansas State University. Though their paths kept them separate at times, they always found a way back to one another. After moving around a little bit, they decided that Manhattan, Kansas, was where they wanted to own their winery.

According to their site, "While living in Colorado, the couple discovered the property on Wildcat Creek Road in Manhattan. After multiple visits and soil profiling, they knew the property was perfect for their venture. Together in 2014, they began building Liquid Art Winery and Estate."

David and Danielle eventually quit their jobs located in Colorado and made their move back to Kansas so that they could take care of the winery full-time. 

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Jami Harrison

Things slowly began to progress and a real change was beginning to occur. According to the site, the process began "In August 2015, ground work on the building began. In November 2015, the frame started to be constructed." A lot of the work that took place was done hands-on by the couple themselves.

"After two years of working non-stop with an average of 14-hour days in dirt, rocks, and the construction zone, finally being open to share our story and what we have built is extremely rewarding," said Danielle.

Both Danielle and David believe that this is only the beginning for them and are excited to see what else is to come.

"The most humbling part is when guests come into the Tasting Room and tell us, 'We have been following you since last year and are happy you are finally open!'"

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Jami Harrison

"I'm looking forward to the continual growth of the business. Not only booking more weddings, adding events for the Tasting Room, but planting more vineyard so we can increase production of the winery," said Danielle.

Wine Tasting and Events

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The Tasting Room is open to the public. They offer tastings for wine and hard ciders, which generally cost $5 with tax. The hard cider is gluten free and there are always seasonal flavors being served, so be sure to stop each season for a taste! Side note, the wine can also be purchased by the glass or bottle.

An awesome addition that has been added to the Tasting Room is a piano that has been turned into a hard cider tap bar. The piano is a great addition to the Tasting Room and adds a special look and feel to the space. It's also still functional!

The Tasting Room is open Fridays and Saturdays 12 to 8 PM and Sundays 12 to 6 PM.

There are also multiple events that are offered throughout the year, as well as an event center that is offered for hosting weddings.

"We are grateful for all the support from local neighbors, friends and the community of Manhattan. We couldn't have picked a better home for Liquid Art."