The beginning of a school year often brings new changes. New dorm, new classes and for us Loggers, this means new athletic facilities and a new cafe. The Lillis Cafe has officially opened and is ready to serve the campus community. Although it would have been cool for it to be named the Submarine cafe (because it's a mini version of the SUB by the pool), the Lillis Cafe is named after Puget Sound Trustee Gwen Lillis and Chuck Lillis.  

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McKenna Franklin

Similar to Diversions and Oppenheimer, the Lillis Cafe offers the usual menu items such as tea, coffee, pastries, sandwiches and various other snacks to go. However, the stand out item at Lillis Cafe is the smoothies.

Since Lillis Cafe is located in the Fieldhouse, the smoothies are geared towards athletes and students who use the gym, pool or tennis courts. The cafe offers smoothies such as Straw-ba-apple-berry, Banana Bread, Tropical, Pina Coco-lata, and Peachy Date. 

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McKenna Franklin

The best part is the option to make your own smoothie. If you aren't familiar with making smoothies, check out this smoothie 101 cheat sheet. At Lillis Cafe, there are seven different options for your base including milk, coconut water, lemonade, orange juice or apple juice. Next, you pick three fruits and an add on. Add on options include peanut butter, coconut oil, chia seeds, spinach, kale, greek yogurt and dates.

On top of all these options, you can choose to add extra protein like vanilla whey protein, soy protein, pea protein, multivitamins and much more. These options may seem overwhelming but they are the ideal ingredients for a healthy smoothie

McKenna Franklin

If you have time to sit and enjoy your drink, the tables are located in a nice space next to our new swimming pool and huge windows. The natural lightening and view towards campus make it a great spot to study. Besides athletes, the cafe is frequented by athletic coaches and trainers, community members and students stopping in on their way to Weyerhauser.

coffee, beer, tea
McKenna Franklin

Overall, the Lillis Cafe is a new opportunity for the school to cater to our athletic community, including all students and community members who use the athletic facilities. Student opinions were taken into consideration when planning the hours and the products offered, further expanding student involvement. The opening of the Lillis Cafe is definitely a welcomed addition to our campus. 

If you haven't already, check it out. They are open Monday–Friday from 7–1:30 and 3–8. 

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McKenna Franklin