Boston University students patiently awaited Life Alive's arrival after the loss of the beloved West Campus Panera. Many can recall the "Opening January 2018" window stickers seen in the final months of 2017. However, January rolled around and there was no sign that Life Alive would be opening anytime soon.

Fast forward six months, after students had gone home for the summer, the doors of Live Alive finally opened. Still a little salty over the loss of Panera, students tentatively ventured to try out the long awaited vegan spot as they arrived back on campus this fall.

So was it worth the wait?  

The Verdict is in and the answer is yes. And here's why:

1. Décor

Lauren Richards

It is truly shocking that Life Alive's space was once a small Panera with low ceilings and little seating. The cafe's natural lighting, high ceilings, and large open spaces make for the perfect study spot for both vegans and non-vegans. There is an open kitchen, as the only doors in the space are the ones to the bathrooms. Patrons can choose to sit at the bar, the many high top tables, or the circular booths. Hidden in the back left corner with a circular entrance, is the blue room. With deep blue walls, cushioned couches, and small wooden tables, it's the perfect aesthetic to grab a quick bite or lounge with friends.  With the building's chic cream walls, decorative green foliage, and cushioned seating, it's the perfect spot for any lunch or study date.

Lauren Richards

2. Drinks

With an entire page of the menu dedicated to their drinks, it is no surprise that they are worth raving about. A crowd favorite is the Ocean Blue Latte. Possibly one of the most unique drinks you will encounter, it can be prepared hot or iced and is made with blue-green algae, maca, vanilla, maple, and sea salt. It almost tastes like a light vanilla milkshake, and the light blue color of the drink makes it a gorgeous addition to any meal at the cafe. The menu also offers multiple other fun latte options, dairy free smoothies, juices, wellness shots, and hot or iced coffee. Not to mention you can get a complimentary jar of water for your table with mason jar style glasses.

3. Smoothie Bowls

The picture says it all. Whether you like smoothie bowls or not, you have to appreciate the aesthetics of Life Alive's smoothie bowl creations. Customers can choose between a Pitaya or Acai bowl.

4. Broths

One of the most unique menu categories Life Alive offers is the "Broths" Section. Patrons can choose from a fusion of dishes: the Mushroom Udon, the Blonde Miso Ramen, or the Spicy Green Curry and from what I've heard, they are life changing. 

5. Greens and Grains

Lauren Richards

Whether you are looking for a something simple or something more adventurous, Life Alive's menu has got you covered. Life Alive specializes in their salads and grain bowls. Some popular options include the Rainbow Harvest (A mix of grains with lemon flax brown rice, whipped sweet potato, beets, carrots, broccoli, kale, tofu, sprouted legumes & ginger tamari sauce) and the Banh Mi (a Vietnamese salad with cabbage, mint, cilantro, rice noodles, marinated tofu, crispy forbidden rice, sweet pickles, spicy cashew aoili & sesame ginger vinaigrette). Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong, and you'll probably be back before you know it to try another menu item, another latte, or another smoothie.

Lauren Richards

Life Alive took a while to arrive, but it is definitely here to stay. You can't beat the location, the décor, and the unique and exciting menu. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Life Alive has something for you whenever you are looking for a quick pick-me-up on Comm. Ave.