Levain Bakery, claimed by locals to have NYC's best cookie, is known all throughout social media for two things–the larger-than-life cookies and the larger-than-life lines. Their array of fresh cookies (baked on-site daily) includes the chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter chip, and oatmeal raisin. So, even though locals believe that the cookies are the best, are they worth the wait?

Before the Cookie

Before trying one of the iconic cookies from the notable Levain Bakery, I honestly didn’t understand the excessive hype.

Whenever someone bragged about their selling NYC’s best cookie I honestly thought, “These people are crazy for waiting in such long lines to pay $4 for a cookie.” After being shown a picture of the line at the West 74th Street location, I was certain that I would never try a Levain cookie. I knew that I wouldn’t have enough patience to wait in a long line that went around the block just for a cookie.

The Journey to NYC’s Best Cookie

Nevertheless, that changed one day when my friend convinced me that I had to try a Levain cookie. After walking from the Upper East Side to West 74th, we found the bakery with a surprisingly short line.

I had finally accepted the anticipated 20-minute wait for this giant cookie when a random woman walking by told us that there was a new location just a few blocks away. And better yet, there was no wait!

So, without questioning it, my friend and I got off of the line and proceeded to make our way to Amsterdam Avenue and 77th street. We were genuinely surprised that the bakery had 2 people in line when we arrived and, better yet, when we had a pair of warm chocolate chip walnut cookies in our hands within 5 minutes.

Julianna Romero
Julianna Romero

The Cookie

Because new batches are constantly coming out of the oven, they are freshly warm and have a perfect ooze factor when you break the cookie in half for the signature Instagram picture that gives off extreme FOMO.

The cookies aren’t popular solely for their aesthetics, they’re also delicious! These hockey puck-sized cookies are the perfect texture balance between a warm and gooey center and a surprising crunch from the walnuts and from the outside.

Julianna Romero

After the Cookie

My opinion about the hype behind Levain cookies has completely flipped because of my first experience at the Amsterdam Avenue Levain Bakery. After waiting in line for only 5 minutes to try the chocolate chip walnut cookie, I am convinced that these are indeed NYC’s best cookies.

These cookies are a bucket list essential and should be eaten whenever possible–they’re freshly baked, huge, and delicious. With all of the bakeries in New York City, it is safe to say that Levain Bakery sells the best cookies. And, if you don’t believe me by now, you can visit the new location on the Upper West Side and try it for yourself for little-to-no wait!

Visit: 351 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024