I always find the airport to be a stressful place. I worry about missing my flight, losing my bag, and (most importantly) where I'm going to find food. LAX is a huge airport, and luckily there are a ton of great food options (some terminals are definitely better than others). Check out these mouth watering restaurants at each of the 9 terminals in LAX.

Terminal 1: California Pizza Kitchen ASAP

Unfortunately, California Pizza Kitchen ASAP does not have its full menu with mac and cheese and fusilli pasta, but they do serve its famous thin-crust pizza. The menu also includes sandwich options if you want to take something easy onto the plane. 

Terminal 2: The Counter

The counter is a great burger restaurant that lets you create your own burger. Although the menu at the airport is slightly limiting, they still have plenty of options that are similar to its normal menu.

Terminal 3: Gladstone's 4 Fish

Unfortunately, the restaurant at LAX doesn't come with the same view of the Pacific Ocean, but it does come with the same amazing food. I highly recommend ordering the fish tacos if you have time for a sit down meal. 

Terminal 4: Grilled Cheese Please!

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Maeve Greeley

If you love cheese, bread or cheese and bread, stop by Grilled Cheese Please! which is in the #trendy food truck in the food court area. It will seriously melt in your mouth.

Terminal 5: Lemonade

I love when my flight leaves from terminal 5 because Lemonade is my favorite place. They have so many options that are all portioned out for you. It's also a super easy option to bring on the plane. If you happen to like lemonade (the actual drink), I recommend getting a mix of the classic flavor with another fruity option. You're welcome.

Terminal 6: The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck

The Kitchen offers made-to-order breakfast and lunch options—all created by the famous chef, Wolfgang Puck. This is a sit down restaurant so you definitely need time if you are planning on eating at The Kitchen. 

Terminal 7: B Grill by BOA Steakhouse

Although BOA Steakhouse is known for its steaks, B Grill is known for its burgers. The menu  includes different soups, salads, pastas and desserts. 

Terminal 8: Engine Co. No. 28

Engine Co. No. 28 is a full service bar with classic American cuisine. You can order the food to-go to take on the plane, but it might not be your best option if you are low on time. These meals are hefty.

Tom Bradley International Terminal: Umami Burger

Count yourself lucky if you end up in Tom Bradley International Terminal. The Umami Burger just so happens to be one of the best burger spots in Los Angeles, and the airport version has almost all of the classic menu items. It even has breakfast. Yum.