Every quad has its pros and cons, but the one thing you can count on is never being more than a couple minutes from some good late night noshin.

Whenever you’re thinking about that dreaded walk up to A quad from South quad, it’s not so bad when it makes you that much closer and easier to find for the pizza delivery man. Elms Pizza Parlor and Incredibles will get to you in no time without having to drive through the campus. Elms is even walking distance if you’re so inclined.

To all you East quadders that can get to the Bandersnatch by barely stepping outside your door- this is truly remarkable and probably doesn’t really get any better or more convenient than this. Snagels and pizza bagels and milkshakes for days.

late night food options

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Freshman on West quad don’t just have to settle for that mediocre burrito that is trying so hard to be Chipotle but will never taste as good- the Roost now has a late night food place called “The Nest” whose flatbreads and mac n’ cheese will make you forget that you’re eating dorm food.

So the next time you’re stuck with a lottery number in the upper 300s and get stuck living in “Narnia” just think about that Elms pizza that could be at your door in a matter of minutes and nothing else will matter.

late night food options

Gif courtesy of theodysseyonline.com