One of my fondest childhood memories was taking a trip down to Los Angeles to visit my family, where they frequently took me out for dessert. Every time I'm back home in San Francisco, I yearn to go out for dessert later at night, but I've come to learn that SF's nightlife is practically nonexistent. After extensive research, I've come up with a short list of five late night Asian dessert cafes that open past the normal hours for all you dessert-loving night owls.

1. Golden Island Cafe

A nostalgic favorite of mine, simply because it was relatively close to my high school, Golden Island is the epitome of dessert places to go to after a long day. The restaurant specializes in delicious fruity sagos, but the menu is extensive. From your typical Hong Kong desserts to savory snacks like popcorn chicken or french fries, there are no worries about not having anything to eat. When it comes to weekend evenings, it gets especially packed, so plan to go early if you or your friends get antsy.

#SpoonTip: Get the Mango Sago during the summer season for ultimate freshness.

2. Kowloon Tong Dessert Cafe

Located near Geary Street in SF where there are all types of food to eat, Kowloon is a dessert cafe that stands out. Kowloon offers both American and Hong Kong-inspired desserts, such as ice cream, egg puffs and herbal jelly desserts. The possibilities here are endless. If you're ever in the area or craving something sweet, Kowloon's the place to go to satisfy your desires. 

3. Na Ya Dessert Cafe

A cash-only cafe that offers the best of both world—Japanese and Thai-inspired desserts and appetizers. Na Ya provides unique desserts like mango sticky rice crepes and durian shaved ice that melts in your mouth. I can sum up this place with one word—simply divine (well, that's two, but this place deserves it). And get a load of this: the desserts aren't the only items that should be bragged about. If you're ever feeling a warm bowl of Tom Yum or some Takoyaki, make a stop at this cute hole-in-the-wall cafe.

4. Sno-Crave Tea House SF

Seeing this cafe finally open in my hometown was a life-changing moment. Sno-Crave offers a plethora of desserts, from the classic brick toast to sweet crepes and even unique shaved-ice. The flavors of shaved ice are endless and are customizable to your tastes and desires. Sno-Crave is located directly in front of two different bus stops, so there's no excuse for why you can't make a trip here.

5. U :Dessert Story

U :Dessert Story is a relatively new and trendy dessert cafe that takes your classic Korean, Thai, and Japanese-inspired desserts to the next level. Ranging from bingsu, crepe cakes, and brick toasts, all of the desserts never fail to disappoint. The flavors encompass an extensive list: chocolate, matcha, mango, kiwi, hojicha, and strawberry cheesecake. If you have the chance, make sure to grab your friends and your camera and make a delicious stop at this picture-worthy cafe.

These late night dessert cafes, compared to the rest of San Francisco, all elevate traditional Asian desserts to the next level. These spots satisfy all Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, and Thai dessert cravings. So the next time you're planning a day out in San Francisco, make sure to put these dessert cafes on your list.