It’s always jam-packed, and a line forms at least 30 minutes prior to the doors opening on a consistent basis. So what is it about Golden Harvest that keeps people coming back to line up for breakfast?

Golden Harvest, located on Turner Street, is a small wonder. Seating is limited inside, so customers wait outside for a table to open up for them to dig into the eats Golden Harvest offers.

I asked a few Michigan State University students/Golden Harvest enthusiasts why they line up for a meal at this bustling breakfast joint, where you can also get lunch after 11 am Monday through Friday, and the consensus was simple: it’s worth the wait.

MSU dietetics junior Amanda Hoelzle said, “Golden Harvest was worth the long wait because once you get inside and smell the food, hear the music playing and look at the walls, you realize you’ll probably never eat in a place like that again.”

The offbeat atmosphere at Golden Harvest appeals to MSU students and their friends, including nursing junior Devin Pardee. “It’s a unique establishment,” she said.

Pardee ordered banana caramel french toast, which was a special when she went. “It was the best thing I’ve ever had in my mouth,” she said.

Golden Harvest

Photo courtesy of Devin Pardee

Psychology junior Maddie Koehler said, “the staff is really chill and the food is always delicious. It’s worth the wait.”

After hearing so many great things about Golden Harvest, I decided to check it out myself, and I was eager to see what the hype was about.

I sat down after waiting about 35 minutes for a table, and my waiter recommended the Bubba San’wich, which is french toast stuffed with bacon, pepper jack cheese, and Golden Harvest’s HOMEMADE SAUSAGE.

Golden Harvest

Photo by Laura Bohannon

Yup, you read that correctly. They make their own sausage, and it’s absolutely delicious. It was cooked perfectly and it had a little kick that made it distinctive. And when the spicy and savory sausage, bacon, and pepper jack cheese were coupled with the sweetness of the french toast and side of syrup, it was an unexpected taste of heaven. There is no other way to describe this sandwich.

“Everyone needs to try their sausage,” Hoezle said.

“Golden Harvest’s food will keep your tastebuds watering until your next visit,” Pardee said. “I’m going to be making a trip there as soon as I get back to East Lansing.”