The Los Angeles City Museum of Art (LACMA) is a popular destination for both native Angelenos and tourists visiting the area. Located at the intersection of Fairfax and Wilshire Boulevard, LACMA has become a Sunday afternoon trip with girlfriends or date night with the significant-other-of-the-moment.

Trying to wrap your college-brain around post-modern paintings is bound to work up an appetite. Though the cafeteria located within the museum is an option, it is no doubt over-priced and disappointing on the taste buds.

For some yummier and cheaper options, venture down neighboring roads, such as 3rd Street. We found 4 great eateries within 1 mile of LACMA (about 2 bus stops away, or $4 in Uber fare) that are sure to satisfy.

1. Doughboys Cafe & Bakery


Doughboys is a classic, diner-esque eatery known for serving large portions of house-made delicacies. Simple but wonderful, the menu includes beautifully crafted sandwiches and salads. The bakery is also stocked daily with a hummingbird cake and their nationally-renowned red velvet cake, which has been promoted by Oprah and featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Distance: a three minute drive or 20 minute walk from LACMA.

2. Joan’s On Third


Another restaurant with an American feel, Joan’s On Third offers upscale versions of deli classics. Grilled maple rosemary chicken breast and a tarragon chicken salad are only two of the exceptional options, as well as some sweets such as a hazelnut meringue with apricot cream. They are also famous for their short rib sandwich and their cupcakes have been featured on Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate” show.

Distance: a four minute drive or 23 minute walk from LACMA.

3. The Stinking Rose


This stinky spot currently has 2 locations, one in San Francisco and one next door to LACMA. Garlic is the star of the event. The restaurant’s most impressive menu option is the Bagna Calda, a roasted garlic, olive oil, butter and anchovy dip served in an iron skillet and perfect for dipping breads and other morsels.

Distance: a four minute drive or 24 minute walk from LACMA.

Food after museum la

Photo by Kevin Tsukii

4. The Grove and the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market


The Grove and Los Angeles Farmer’s Market offer plenty of places to dine, from dessert to restaurant-quality foods. Ulysses Voyage offers Greek cuisine such as classic Spanakopita and gyro. Singapore’s Banana Leaf combines classic Indian flavors, including curry, with Thai and Chinese cuisine. Bennett’s Ice Cream serves unique, rich and creamy ice cream flavors, perfect for a quick dessert after whatever dinner you choose. Loteria Grill specializes in Mexican cuisine, serving fresh guacamole and house-made chips. The Gumbo Pot boasts the “best gumbo in town” and serves jambalaya and fresh beignets. Umami Burger also recently opened a Grove location, offering upscale and innovative burgers.

Distance: a three minute drive or 14 minute walk from LACMA.