Tequila, pistachio, lime, and queso may sound like the start to a really good meal, but they are actually flavors at La Michoacana. The Mexican ice cream shop, located on US Highway 29 past Athens Tech, opened its doors in December and is scooping up flavors you won’t find at Baskin Robins or even Ben & Jerry’s (although we do love them dearly, too).

Plastered with the upbeat pink and green colors you may find at Menchie’s, La Michoacana is worth the 15 to 20 minute drive from UGA’s campus.

Hui Lin

Step into La Michoacana in Athens and experience the feeling of your classic ice cream shop. Step a little closer, and you’ll realize you have actually landed in ice cream heaven.

Each scoop from this little shop of wonders is the size of a baseball, and at $2.75 for a single, you get a lot of sweetness for your money. If you go for the double scoop in a waffle cone at $4.75, you could easily satisfy a family of four or your squad of hangry roommates.

If you are a traditionalist, many of the flavors reflect standard ice cream fare, like cookies and cream and pecan, but there are other flavors for those looking to travel the world without leaving the shop. They offer mamey (a sweet fruit native to Mexico), guava, tamarind, and mango chili popsicles.

In addition to superb creaminess and ginormous portions, the ice cream won’t start dripping down your hands quickly–it melts slowly compared to your standard scoop.

Hui Lin

So how does tequila ice cream taste? Well, actually pretty darn good. It's creamy with a hint of tang, sort of like the experience of eating a rum-flavored truffle. The taste is present, but not overwhelming. On our Spoon adventure, we tried cappuccino with tequila and the two complimented each other beautifully. 

In fact, that’s the best part of the flavors at La Michoacana— they aren’t just there to draw you in from curiosity. If you don’t want to commit to a flavor though, the employees will describe the options to you and let you sample before you dig in for a full cup or cone.

Beyond ice cream and fruit popsicles, you can get agua frescas, frappuccinos, and nachos, among other treats. My favorite alternative to a scoop of ice cream are their ice cream bars, which double as colorful works of art. The flavors are just as fun as the ice creams (rice pudding, anyone?), but in an easy-to-manage bar that you can get dipped in chocolate for only $2.60. It’s like a Klondike bar on steroids.

Hui Lin
La Michoacana is perfect if you are looking for a place to go with a large group. It’s spacious inside and there’s no shortage of parking in their lot or the shopping center next door.

If you have an afternoon to get away from campus, take the trip to this colorful shop. It is something different from the downtown scene and will give you a greater appreciation of the cultural and culinary diversity of Athens that exists past Broad Street.