Date nights can be rough, especially on a college budget, and its hard to get anywhere past Tennessee Street. For those of you ambitious enough to search for something outside the confines of Suwanee and past the bus routes, the list we've put together could help you hit a home run with your significant other. Since football is gone and weekends are now miraculously free, put a  night or weekend aside to put a creative date night spin on the movie La La Land. Jazz music and artistically inspired, a La La Land themed date night is enough to sweep your boyfriend or girlfriend off their feet. Here's five places to help you along the way:

Bradford Blues Club

Cue the meet cute. You walk by the entrance, and you hear a melody inside the walls you can't seem to ignore, so you go in. Your date is already inside, sitting on the opposite side of the room. You mistakenly glance at each other. Then you do again- only this time on purpose. Your S.O. initiates conversation and you listen to some smooth jazz on the outskirts of Tallahassee. 

Challenger Learning Center & Planetarium

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Through friends and happenstance, you meet again at a party by chance (or really just turning the music up loud on the drive over together and pretending you partied). Though it's not exactly a planetarium on its own like in the film, you run through a spontaneous tap dance number and watch the sun set over the buildings downtown. The romance is practically popping at the seems for you two.

Black Dog Cafe

Whether you want to stop here for a quick refuel before embarking on the rest of your loving and adventurous date night, or your S.O. wants to take this opportunity to pull a Sebastian and formally ask you out, Black Dog Cafe is your answer. Either way, this little cafe on Lake Ella serves up the aesthetic to keep your night light and whimsical while you focus on each other.

All Saints Cinema

To fuel the L.A. vibe and continue your pattern of original and independent choice of places, the next place you and your partner should hit is All Saints Cinema. Run by the Tallahassee Film Society, the theater only shows foreign and independent films to local audiences. This is a great place for a quiet evening your own personal Gosling whisks you away to, and doubles as a way to get in some different culture, making your date night even artsier than you than you thought it would be. Make and bring along one of these DIY fancy popcorn recipes to save money and bump up your hipster game.

Lake Ella 

Who knows, this could be the start of something wonderful and new.