There is nothing more special for a French student than finding a little piece of Parisian life near an American university, and that was the case for me when I found La Brioche French Bakery.

Just a short 15-20 minute drive off UConn Storrs campus, the bakery is a tiny little place in a small plaza just off the road.

coffee, pizza, beer
Daniela Doncel

At first glance, it doesn't seem like much.

Nothing very special or fancy about it; and yet, that's exactly what gives La Brioche French Bakery its charm.


The location had a vintage feel to it with decorations that sent you on a one-way flight to Paris.

The giant vintage clock, paintings of the streets of Paris and the mock Eiffel Tower that lit up just like the real one reminded me of being back in Paris as a study abroad student.

The fresh baguettes, displayed pastries and picture-perfect croissants transported me back to when I went to my local boulangerie (bakery) near La Sorbonne school when I was abroad. 

cake, tea, coffee
Daniela Doncel

I, along with three other French students, went to the bakery because of a suggestion made by our French Translation professor.

Upon arrival, the first thing we wanted was to try some of the food out.

La Brioche French Bakery does not accept debit or credit cards. However, if you don't have cash on you, several locations around the bakery (including the store two doors down) have an ATM.

When it was time to order, we were greeted with the warmest "Bonjour" and were told that what we saw was what we could get.

Although there was a displayed menu, we had to disregard it because some of the items just weren't available.

It's possible it was because we went early on a Saturday morning, but it wasn't a terrible inconvenience because there was still plenty to choose from.

They had croissants, baguettes, bread filled with flavors ranging from blueberry to apple, donuts, des pains au chocolat (chocolate bread), des madeleines (French butter cakes), and a wide assortment of cookies.

Daniela Doncel

We were able to practice our French-speaking skills by ordering what we wanted in French. If you aren't a French student but want to impress your friends at a French bakery or restaurant, check this article out.

Baked Goods

Like I said, there wasn't anything too grand about the location in terms of appearance, but after a single bite, we knew exactly why.

There's no need to dazzle customers when baked goods can do all the talking. After their first bite, one of the French students with me said, "Oh my god," with wide eyes.

The bread was soft to the touch and the buttery sensation melted in my mouth with every bite. Every flavor was present and undeniably delicious. The juicy taste of the berry-filling excited my taste buds against the bread.

Daniela Doncel

The pastries look so simple and humble. There are no extravagant designs or extra colorful fillings, because there's no need for them.  This bakery is serving French food, not French art. It's not focusing on visuals; it's focusing on the quality of food.

We practiced our French while enjoying good French pastries and when it was time to leave, we made sure to buy seconds for the road.

waffle, butter, chocolate
Daniela Doncel

La Brioche French Bakery is a place for all those interested in French culture.

French majors and minors can come spend the day away from UConn eating baguettes and drinking coffee while practicing their French. Exchange students from Paris can find a home away from home with this little bakery. Students who just came back from studying in Paris can relive the good days abroad with a single trip to this bakery.

Even those who just love a good croissant can come and indulge themselves.

pizza, wine, beer
Daniela Doncel

La Brioche is a bakery for all UConn students to experience la vie française (French life).