We all know that Saratoga has some great places for coffee. I mean Uncommon Grounds and Saratoga Coffee Traders within 500 feet of each other, how lucky can we be? While these places have a lasting place in every Skidmore student's hearts and stomaches, Krü Coffee is changing the game. Conveniently located across from Fresh Market (aka Heaven) Krü Coffee is the trendy coffee shop of our dreams. That's right, finally a place whose coffee and toast tastes as good as they look on camera. 


Cortados and Lattes and Mocha oh my! But seriously, the menu is stacked and the coffee is so good. Make sure you get a pumpkin latte at least once (since I'm assuming you'll be back). It's to die for. 

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha, cream
Ruby Siegel

The Decor:

When you walk in you are immediately greeted by a cool coffee area, a cozy corner seating area and beautiful long wooden tables. There is also a nice upstairs for when you want the cool environment but can't sit in such close proximity to the baked goods. I feel your pain. There are also super cool lights and an open window where you can see the big coffee roaster. Oh and did I mention there is concept bar? Yeah that's right.

beer, coffee, tea, pizza
Ruby Siegel
wine, beer
Ruby Siegel

The Food:

What's squarish, and warm and is best served with avocado? If you said toast you're right. If you said well, anything else, you're wrong. But for real, Krü has a whole menu of tasty toasts. I've had the unbelievable squash bread with homemade strawberry preserves and whipped cream. I've also had the avocado toast with smoked salmon and let me tell you - this stuff is good. No, not good, great. 

vegetable, salmon, fish, tomato, pepper, salad, smoked salmon, seafood, cheese
Ruby Siegel
cream, sweet, chocolate, dairy product, milk
Ruby Siegel

If you can't tell, I really like Krü coffee.... like really. See you all there.