Kosmos serves food that has people falling head over meals for. Picture massive sandwiches stuffed with oozing cheese, fresh avocados, and crispy bacon. If that sentence alone doesn't make you want to go out and try Kosmos tonight, then check out the next seven reasons why Kosmos is a must-try destination in London. 

1. The Food is Different and Delicious  

Best known for their colossal gourmet paninis, Kosmos is the perfect place for any hungry and/or hungover university student. The food is inspired by traditional styles of cooking with an added modern twist. From the Caprese Grilled Cheese to their French Dip Panini — you can't go wrong with any order at Kosmos. If you're struggling to decide between all the options, I'm a big fan of the fish tacos! 

2. It's Located on Richmond Row 

Conveniently placed right next to local bars and clubs, Kosmos is located in the perfect spot if you're on the hunt for some unreal noms. Think about it this way: it's a Thursday afternoon, you're planning on going out to the bar in the evening, and you're in need for some food before you go out. Hit up Kosmos for a quick meal that'll fill you up and satisfy any food cravings. 

3. It's Affordable 

Let's face it, university life isn't cheap when you're doing your own grocery shopping. Kosmos blessed us with an affordable menu full of quality food. When nothing on the menu is more than 10 bucks, you can't go wrong. 

4. It's Apart of the Ontario Grass Roots Program 

The Ontario Grass Roots Program strives to support the finest Ontario farmers by promoting their produce in local Ontario businesses. As a member of the program, Kosmos supports Ontario farmers by using their fresh produce in their recipes in order to ensure that customers get the best quality food. As that commercial jingle goes, good things really do grow in Ontario. 

5. It Has a Modern Feel 

As soon as you walk into Kosmos you'll see what I mean. The rustic-chic atmosphere in the restaurant not only creates a personable yet modern feel, but it is also makes it feel super inviting for us university students. On top of all of that — Kosmos is notorious for their awesome Instagram and playlists full of hit tracks. If you're on the hunt for some new food porn accounts to follow, check out Kosmos on Facebook and Instagram

6. The Mac and Cheese Grilled Sandwich  

The mac and cheese grilled sandwich at Kosmos can change your life. With warm mac and cheese oozing out of it with every bite, it really is heavenly. This sandwich has received so much hype on Twitter and Instagram that it's commonly known as a Kosmos signature sandwich.

7. Kosmos Caters 

You can enjoy the unique taste of Kosmos at any event with its catering menu. The owners of Kosmos have been in the restaurant business for over 50 years, and they are more than qualified to serve foods for various events in need of catering. The next time you need to plan an event, think about ordering some cheese platters and paninis to the table to make it little more fun and tasty. 

Kosmos is hands down my favourite restaurant in London, and I love the variety on their menu. Although they do serve comfort food, they also have a great selection of healthy options as well. With salads, soups, and vegetarian options, Kosmos has something for everyone.

Maybe next time I'll see you there!