As the winter presses on, everyone is looking for a better way to stay warm. On those chilly nights or icy hungover Saturday mornings, nothing goes down smoother than a hot bowl of Asian noodles. I review the five best Asian noodle bowls in the area:


This Vietnamese cafeteria-like restaurant serves pho, and only pho. But this is no ordinary bowl of Vietnamese noodles: with thin slurp-able rice noodles, crunchy been sprouts, herby beef based broth, and complex umami flavors, I can say whole-stomachly this bowl of pho is the best I’ve ever tasted. Pho is great no matter what, so go for dinner on a cold night, lunch on a Sunday, or even for hungover brunch- just go.
Pho 75 - 1

Toki Underground

A tasty bowl of ramen noodles from Toki Underground goes a long way on a night when you just aren’t feeling the classic Leo’s stir fry. Head down to H Street to find this trendy new noodle establishment. This is not your typical dorm room Maruchan chicken flavor pack – Toki offers a huge selection of noodle choices, not to mention dumplings, inspired by true Japanese tradition.

Harmony Café

Harmony Café packs a punch with their noodle game. Just a few doors down from Rhino and one of M Street’s hidden gems, this “ma and pop” Chinese place will give you the best bang for your buck if you’re in the mood for some traditional noodle, veggie, or meat dishes. I recommend their Golden Pan-Fried Noodles, Chicken Wontons, or Seven Treasures eggplant dish.
Harmony Cafe


If you’re heading down Wisconsin Ave and in the mood for some noodles, Chopsticks is Georgetown’s local Japanese eatery. Their Tempura and Beef Udons are as succulent as they are soul-warming on a cold night. The udon is served piping hot and bursting with flavor- try ordering it with a Bento box set or dumplings on the side. Chopsticks is comfort food at its finest.

Asia North Sea and Sushi

Picture this: You’re sitting in your dorm room/town house, you’re ravenously hungry, and you start to see snow fall outside your window. Disheartened, you realize there’s no way you’re leaving to face DC’s coldest winter since Snowmageddon. That’s when you call Asia North Sea and Sushi, a Chinese fusion restaurant that will deliver simmering noodle bowls right to your door.  No matter the time or place, North Sea’s noodles will be there when you need them.