Brunch, anyone? If you’re visiting the Hamptons, it’s a must. How else will you have enough energy to soak up the beach by day, and dance under the moonlight by night? The next time you find yourself in Southampton, NY switch up your avocado toast for a fresh, locally baked galette by Dough Southampton.  

I never knew what a galette was until I came across this gem while visiting the farmers market at Schmidt’s Market in Southampton. 

I learned that a galette is a type of French cake, flat and crusty with a sweet or savory filling in the center. The filling is delicious, of course. But to me, the star of the galette is the crumbly, buttery crust that serves as a perfect holder for whatever filling your heart desires. 

Dough Southampton, owned and operated by Southampton local Anne Marie Erigo, specializes in making fruit galettes that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Some of her specialties include strawberry, peach, blueberry, peach raspberry, blueberry peach, strawberry and chocolate szauce, and my personal favorite, salted caramel apple. 

Craving something savory instead? This parmesan galette is the answer to your prayers.

Swiss chard, leeks, and ricotta? Yes, please! "Chief Treat Officer" of Dough Southampton, Anne Marie, told me that this galette pairs wonderfully with a cold glass of rosé. Perfect for a Hamptons meal. 

One of my favorite things about Dough Southampton is that not only are all ingredients locally sourced, but each treat is made in-house the same morning as they are put on sale at the market. Your galette will always be at peak freshness, guaranteed. 

If you ever find yourself in the Hamptons for a weekend in the summertime, make sure to look for Dough Southampton’s blue box at Schmidt’s Farmers Market in Southampton. You’ll never go back to your basic brunch again. 

For inquiries or special orders, contact Dough Southampton at or @doughsouthampton on Instagram.