Whether it's your Tuesday pre Chem class pick-me-up or Saturday 11 am hangover cure, bagels can make any situation better. These NY style bagels on North Main in Providence do not disappoint. For your benefit, I interviewed employees to discover the apsolute best Bagel and drink combos they have to offer.

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Charli Spiegel

Employee Aaron's Bagel Combo

Poppy seed bagel with bacon, egg, cheese, a pork roll, and maple syrup. He pairs this with some Hosmer Pink Lemonade.

Aaron came up with this combo purely through scientific bagel experimentation. Is it bold to say bagel experiments are the best experiments? The Hosmer lemonade is especially close to Aaron's heart since it is from is home town of Willimantic, Connecticut.

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Jennifer Nigro

Employee Elise's Bagel Combo

A classic plain bagel with veggie cream cheese. She pairs this yummy bagel with their Nitro Cold Brew.

She said the plain bagel makes a really good base for all the sandwiches and their vast variety of cream cheeses (Plain, Vegan, Chive, Bacon Scallion, Garden Vegetable, Jalapeño, and Honey Walnut).

This specific combo works really well for both breakfast and lunch. The variety of veggies in the cream cheese makes it feel healthy, Elise added "it's the perfect balance of pepper and dill".

Charli Spiegel

Employee Victoria's Bagel Combo

Spinach bagel with egg, american cheese, spinach, and corned beef. She, along with Aaron, can't get enough of the Hosmer Pink Lemonade.

Victoria said she really enjoys a savory breakfast. Making this belly warming bagel with the balance of the cold, sweet pink lemonade perfect for her (and all savory breakfast lovers of Providence).

Since two employees really dig this Hosmer lemonade, it is definitely worth checking out for yourself...

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Elizabeth Budd

Owner Chris' Bagel Combo

Friar sandwich (a BLT with veggie cream cheese) on an everything bagel. To go with this he uses a mixture of Irie Organic Pomegranate Green Tea and fresh lemonade for a refreshing twist on your typical "Arnold Palmer".

Chris loves this bagel combo because every bite is loaded with flavor. Imagine the garlic-y onion flavors of the bagel, salty bacon along with a crisp bite of lettuce. Followed by a refreshing tea drink. Seems like a bagel you could have romantic dreams about.

Pro Tip: You can never go wrong with bacon.

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Charli Spiegel

Writer's Choice of Bagel Combo

As for me being a New Yorker I am not easily impressed by bagels, BUT I really enjoyed the Fiesta (egg, cheddar cheese, avocado, jalapeño cream cheese, and salsa) on a pumpernickel bagel. To pair I am a big fan of a classic hot coffee, but when I was there Chris gave me the Irie Organic Green Tea and Lemonade mixture to try. I must admit he converted me to team tea.

In my opinion this bagel is a mouth watering mixture of sweet and savory, with that little slap in the face of spice at the end. This tea made me feel like I was a sitting on my grandma's front porch in a rocking chair and the nutrition major inside of me loves the health benefits of green tea (like natural fat burner).