There are endless articles on Spoon and on the rest of the internet about Chipotle hacks, and ways to get more food in your order. But for those of us who don't have the stomach capacity for double meat, the kids meal is just what we have been looking for. 

Unlike many restaurants where the kids meal features different items than the regular menu, Chipotle's kids meal is just less food, and for less money. On the website, the Kid's Build Your Own meal is listed at $4.95. 

You get a complete meal – proteins, toppings, along with a side and a drink. It even comes in a nice little box that is much sturdier than the burrito bowl containers. 

The Meal 

A Chipotle kids meal comes with two tacos (hard or soft), a protein (or guac) and two other items. I always get brown rice, black beans, and steak with soft tacos. 

#SpoonTip: A kids meal is always the same price, regardless of your protein. 

The only downside of the meal is that they are serious about the Build Your Own. Each of the three items comes in its own compartment, and the tortillas are on the side. You have to fill your own taco, which can be messy, but no messier than watching the person across from you eat their burrito bowl. Sometimes, the ratio of filling to tortilla skews towards filling, but that's where the chips come in. 

The Sides 

I always get the chips, but you have two options for your side. You can either get a small bag of chips (trust me, it's more than enough), which are kept on the shelf behind the register right next to the regular bags, or you can get a piece of fruit. It seems to often be an orange, but you might get an apple. 

Your drink options are milk, chocolate milk, or apple juice. I always get the apple juice. It's a cute little juice box. Admittedly, not much to drink, but you can also get a cup for water (there is a limit to the amount of apple juice my 20 year-old metabolism can handle anyway). 

Arielle Gordon

Occasionally, you have to deal with some strange looks from the servers, but it's worth it. The kids meal is clearly listed on the menu, and they have everything for it right behind the counter. You're still better than someone who orders a "secret menu" item that doesn't actually exist. 

Articles about this hack have been floating around the internet since 2016, so if you haven't tried a Chipotle kids meal yet, you are behind on the times. It doesn't usually produce leftovers, but truthfully, soggy, day-old burritos are only good so many times before you start to wonder why you spent so much money on a meal you knew you wouldn't finish in one sitting.  

We are all kids at heart, so go forth and enjoy your wonderfully priced and tasty meal at Chipotle (and if you like cheese, you can also get the kids quesadilla).