Attention everyone: the world as we know it is shifting. Hamburgers are no longer made out of meat, sausages are now soy sausages, and KFC Britain's Fried Chicken is no longer chicken

KFC, known for (you guessed it) chicken, is shaking things up, at least in Britain. In response to Britain's obesity crisis, KFC is working to cut calories by 20% per serving within 7 years. Introducing a meatless version of fried chicken is one of their ideas to help keep calories at bay. 

This project is still in the very early stages of development and much about the recipe is unknown. However, you can be certain that none of the flavor will be compromised. KFC Britain has promised that the chicken substitute will be coated in the same notorious 11 herbs and spices blend that makes their food so 'finger lick'n good.'

The goal is to launch this new menu item in 2019. However, it is uncertain as to whether it will appear in the US markets.

Who knows? If all goes well in Britain, chickenless chicken may just be the latest popular confusing food item.