The Atlanta-based food chain Kale Me Crazy has it all—açai bowls, fully-loaded salads, and, best of all, house-made fresh-pressed juices.

My roommate and I are a little (ok a lot) obsessed with Kale Me Crazy and all they have to offer. After trying their "Pear-adise" juice, we decided that we needed to test them all. 

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Samantha Zipin

Kale Me Crazy has a wide array of juices: they have 12 altogether, six of which are "green" and six of which are "colored." You can drink them for a juice cleanse, or just as a healthy drink option. One day, my roommate and I ventured over to Kale Me Crazy in Decatur (not too uncommon for us) and we were able to taste their variety of juices.

The Best of The Green Juices

After trying all of the green juices, I can definitively say that the Pear-adise juice is the best. Featuring pear and pineapple, this juice was fruity and tricked my taste buds into thinking the juice wasn't actually green. The Kale Yeah! juice was a close second. The fruitiness of the lemon and apple added to the otherwise spinachy nature of the juice. The Green Factor juice and Revive juice both tasted distinctly of cucumber, but the Green Factor tasted more fruity while the Revive juice had a salty tang. My least favorite green juice would have to be the Go Green, which tasted bland and felt like I was drinking celery.   

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Alexa Buchbinder

The Best of the Colored Juices

Both the Beet Up juice and the Beet'l Juice were based with beets and has fruit added. Despite being a bit strong, they both were tasty and had gingery tangs. Also, if you're a fan of turmeric, The Glow juice is too die for. The pineapple and grapefruit pair surprising well together with the spice for an interesting mix. My least favorite of these juices was The Firefighter. I am not a fan of cayenne pepper at all, and this juice is definitely loaded with it. Lastly, I wanted to mention the Almond Milk, which is technically not a juice, but so good that I couldn't not mention it. The vanilla extract and sea salt added to this almond milk mixture made it better than any almond milk I had bought at a store before. 

Alexa Buchbinder

While a juice that is green or bright orange may be off-putting at first (it definitely was to me) these juices are worth a try. Some, like the pear-adise and almond milk, are better than others but don't judge these juices by their colors until you give them a try. And if you're there, don't forget to pair them with some of the delicious foods Kale Me Crazy has to offer too.