Just Salad is the most ironically-named restaurant in Midtown. They have salads, yes, but they also have wraps, avocado toast, smoothies, snacks, and more. We got the chance to feast on some of their top dishes, and here's what we thought.

Chipotle Cowboy Salad

Lexi Bryant

Yes, the name of this salad is a bit odd, I know. But there is no denying that the flavors and textures incorporated are refreshing and tasty. This salad contains chicken, lettuce, black beans, pepper jack cheese, avocado, and crunchy onions. I initially chose to try this salad because of the chipotle-based dressing, but actually fell more in love with the topping combinations. Overall, I would definitely recommend this salad.

Peanut Butter Warrior Smoothie

Lexi Bryant

With complementary flavors of peanut butter, almond milk, bananas, agave, and roasted pumpkin seeds, this smoothie was the perfect in-between class snack. All the ingredients somehow managed to taste distinct while blending together in a creamy, hazelnut-colored mixture. The banana undertones are the first to hit your taste buds, and the peanut butter aftertaste feels earthy, rather than oily. The packaging was similar to your typical Boba tea drink, so the smoothie was hearty and playful! 

Crispy Chicken Poblano Salad & Detox Cleanse Smoothie

Lexi Bryant

Imagine a world where your love of health, spiciness and flavor all come together in one bowl. The Crispy Chicken Poblano Salad is the greatest combination of greens, breaded chicken, cotija cheese, avocado, corn, pickled red onions, and tortilla chips. The best part of this salad is the smoky poblano ranch. You get a sensation of creamy goodness with a spicy kick. I honestly cannot wait until the next time I get to indulge in this beautiful creation. 

Next on the menu was the Detox Cleanse Smoothie. The perfect blend of kale, lemon, apple, and pineapple left me refreshed and full of energy. Admittedly, I do enjoy green smoothies and all things healthy, but I can honestly say anyone would enjoy the taste of the smoothie. The smooth texture and zip of citrus left me wanting more. It was the perfect drink paired with my deliciously spicy salad. 

The California Salad & Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Lexi Bryant

The crunch of the romaine lettuce and the roasted almonds complement the chewy, grilled chicken nicely in the California salad. The flavor isn't overbearing or overwhelming, but instead the flavors meddle together to create a green goodness. The avocado, egg whites and grape tomatoes add to the healthiness of the dish by providing elements from other food groups. The bread is a great finishing touch. It looks aesthetically pleasing, and it'll keep your stomach full the entire day. 

The strawberry banana smoothie is even better than the salad. The strawberries and the bananas are at the forefront of your taste buds as the main ingredients. The agave gives it a natural sweetness instead of an artificial flavor. The almond milk and Greek yogurt help make the smoothie's texture thick yet smooth which is perfect for washing down a salad. Overall, I recommend both the California salad and the strawberry banana smoothie.

Thai Crunch Salad 

Olivia Berens

This light option is perfect for a mid day pick-me-up. The crispy wontons pair well with the tangy spicy Thai peanut sauce. Even the simplicity of the carrots, celery, and red cabbage and bites of chicken made it the just the right combo. The dressing had just enough spice (not mouth watering) and there was a nice harmony of ingredients. I would say this is easy on the taste buds and perfect for someone looking for a light, but tasty lunch to get you through the rest of the day!

Avo Blast Toast 

Lexi Bryant

There's two avocado toasts at Just Salad: the crunchy avocado toast and the avo blast toast. The avo blast toast is made up of spicy smashed avocado, corn, pickled red onions, cilantro, and smoky poblano ranch (yes the same ranch in the chicken poblano salad). Guys, when we say that this ranch is to die, we mean it. Its lingering mouthwatering flavor has you drooling before it even lands in your mouth.

But the ranch is just the icing on the cake. The charred corn and spicy avocado mash combine flawlessly with the pickled red onions and cilantro which not only make it look pretty but it give a fresh crunch. This toast has you think you'd only find it in a hole-in-the-wall joint, not a New York City-based franchise. 

Avocado Dreamsicle Smoothie

Lexi Bryant

This coconut milk-based smoothie has a spectrum of ingredients from avocado to lemon to agave. The blend of sweet and bitter flavors makes all your tastebuds pop! One would think that avocados in smoothies are gross but this one does NOT disappoint. The creamy texture will leave you slurping until you realize there's no more left. So, whether you are looking for something to pair well with a wrap or just a quick palate cleanser, this smoothie is perfect for you. 

Just Some Final Thoughts

All of us enjoyed our excursion to Just Salad. Everything from the food, atmosphere, smoothies, and kind service made it our new favorite spot in Midtown.