For those still skeptical of the juicing trend, DC’s new premier juice bar, Jrink, just opened a brand new store location in Foggy Bottom. Jrink offers 17 different juice varieties that can fuel you up and clean you up, each costing roughly $9.

Their different product categories can be scaled to match your taste preferences and your experience with juicing. The brand has also invested in developing new flavors, like The Pumpkin Chai and ‘Tis The Season, that have bolder tastes and challenge the notion that drinking your veggies is gross. As for the skeptics still out there, here are 10 reasons to check out Jrink’s new store location in Foggy Bottom.

Jrink is the perfect excuse to escape Lau 


Photo by Genevieve Gresser

Jrink’s new Foggy Bottom location is a perfect study spot. It gives off coffee shop vibes, with a large table to crack open that history book. Unlike Lau, the store is well lit with a gorgeous front window and a fireplace. Plus, the storefront has free wifi to check blackboard, or Facebook.

It sells your new hangover cure

With aloe vera water, lemon, grape and the magic ingredient (activated charcoal), Black Magic is the best-kept secret in hangover cures. Charcoal acts like a sponge in that it helps to reduce the absorption of drugs and other toxins, like alcohol, into the body after ingested. The ominous, black color of the drink should not be feared. Charcoal itself is in fact tasteless, so Jrink’s Black Magic actually just tastes like really good lemonade.

There are tasting boards for the newbies


Photo by Genevieve Gresser

For those new to the juicing trend, Jrink offers sampling menus. For $9 you can try little shots of six different flavors as well as one of Jrink’s snacks, like the sprouted cinnamon pecans.

Jrink does not discriminate against food allergies

All of Jrink’s juices are lactose free so leave your lactiaid at home. In addition, the Jrink team has developed creative ways to avoid including nuts in their juices. For instance, Jrink launched its seasonal Pumpkin Chai juice that is completely nut-free. Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte now has a new competitor on the block.

Jrink’s immuniTEAs help to fortify your immune system


Photo by Genevieve Gresser

Flu season is well underway, but you can beat the sniffles with Jrink’s immuniTEAs. The juice bar offers three levels of immuniTEAs based on how much of a pick-me-up your immune system needs. The drinks incorporate ingredients like ginger, tumeric, apple cider vinegar and lemon to help reboot your immune system and stay healthy.

It offers a convenient location for Georgetown students


Photo by Genevieve Gresser

With their new location in Foggy Bottom, it is now that much easier to grab your Jrink fix. You can take a 20-minute power walk. You can take a short uber ride for under $10. Or you can take advantage of Jrink’s delivery service for a small fee. If there is a will, there is a way.

Jrink sells their own juice collections

Jrink offers customized collections to match the kind of cleanse you are looking for. If you are looking to detox, their Detox collection offers low calorie, big flavor juices that can act as meal replacements. If you are looking to re-energize, the Energy collection includes juices with high veggie content to ensure you are receiving quality nutrients and vitamins.

Drink and sing your holiday cheer 


Photo by Genevieve Gresser

Jrink has 17 unique juice flavors plus some seasonal ones, including their holiday special, ‘Tis the Season. This juice includes all the best flavors of fall: apple, pear, sweet potato and cinnamon. Not only does this juice taste good, but these ingredients work to fortify your immune system and rid your body of excess toxins.

Jrink and workout

Most Jrink store locations are shared with other businesses, like yoga studios. The new Foggy Bottom store is located in the basement of Yoga District, a premier yoga studio in DC. If you are looking for a zen kind of day, then Jrink’s new store will be your one-stop shop.

Your pics will be Instagram worthy

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Let’s be honest, we do more for our insta’s than we’d care to admit. But unlike the hike you did last weekend, going to Jrink for an insta is something you won’t regret the next morning. In fact, you’ll probably feel better than you would’ve otherwise. For those still on the fence about whether to pay the premium price for juice, Spoon University – Georgetown will be distributing free samples of Jrink’s most popular juices on Lau 2 this Thursday, December 10th between 2:00 and 3:30 pm. Sign up for the event, here, so you don’t miss it.