October is the perfect month for ice cream lovers in Boston. The temperature outside is cooling to that perfect range where it is still warm enough to sit outdoors and enjoy a few scoops, but brisk enough to keep those scoops from melting instantly. 

Also, October means that J.P. Licks, Boston's favorite local all-in-one ice cream shop, coffee roaster, and bakery has a new round of monthly flavors. From fall icons to vegan staples, it's not an exaggeration to say that you need to try every single one. I did, so here is my review of every J.P. Licks special ice cream flavor for October.

Trevor Powell

Caramel Apple & Pumpkin Custard

Kicking it off with the Fall-est of Fall flavors: caramel apple and pumpkin custard. While these are two different flavors, it is a crime to not pair them. J.P. Licks expertly ends the age-old debate of whether apple or pumpkin pie is the perfect Autumn dessert by turning them both into ice cream and blessing indecisive ice-cream-lovers with the option of ordering them together. This blend is Autumn in a cup; the pumpkin custard is beautifully smooth and sweet, and the caramel apple is balanced perfectly with fall spices. A bite of these flavors will make anybody excited for the coming holiday season.

Trevor Powell

Infused White Coffee Chunk

As a coffee lover, this is the flavor I was most excited about and it did not disappoint. I immediately bought a whole pint of after tasting it. The coffee flavor comes from J.P. Licks' cold brew (which is made from their own home-roasted beans). The coffee infused ice cream brings a smooth, full, round coffee flavor without overwhelming bitterness or acidity. Nice and big chunks of high quality chocolate add texture and perfectly balance the coffee flavor. Overall, one of the most complex and well-balanced ice cream flavors I've tried

Chocolate Hazelnut

The rich Chocolate Hazelnut flavor is perfect for Nutella fans. The ice cream is made from imported Brazilian hazelnuts mixed into their famously intense chocolate ice cream; the flavor is one of the most pure and intense Chocolate Hazelnut flavors I have ever tried in an ice cream. It is dark, smooth, creamy, and perfect for anybody wanting to indulge a little.

Trevor Powell


Cookie3, one of the brand new flavors for October 2020, is the rich, decadent result of crossing Cookies & Cream with Cookie Dough. This delicious flavor consists of cookie dough, chocolate chip cookies, and Hydrox cookies--which are similar to Oreos--all mixed into a base of smooth vanilla ice cream. The chunks are very well incorporated, making each bite an explosion of cookie goodness. This is truly a cookie lovers' dream

Peanut Butter Lace (Oat)

This smooth combination of Oat Milk Peanut Butter Ice Cream, and ripples of flaky chocolate make for the perfect flavor for peanut butter and chocolate lovers. J.P. Licks is clearly a master at making vegan ice cream, because the icy or chalky textures characteristic of many vegan ice creams were nowhere to be found here. The flavors were rich and delectable, and paired perfectly with Cookie3 to make the most indulgent cup possible.

Trevor Powell

Strawberry (Coconut)

The vegan strawberry ice cream made with coconut milk was legitimately one of the best strawberry ice creams I have ever had, which is definitely saying something considering strawberry was my favorite flavor growing up (seriously, it's basically the only flavor I ate for like ten years). This amazing ice cream tastes intensely like real strawberries. And like the Peanut Butter Lace, the texture of this ice cream was perfectly smooth and not at all icy or chalky. Perfectly smooth, strawberry forward, and absolutely delightful.

Fresh Apple Cider Sorbet

Last but certainly not least, the flavor I would most quickly return to JP Licks to have again, the one that gets me the most hyped for Autumn, Apple Cider Sorbet. Quite possibly the most New England flavor ever created, the Apple Cider sorbet is refreshing, spicy, sweet, tart, and everything you would want from a perfect, fresh pressed apple cider. If you can't make it out to an orchard this season to go apple picking and get some farm stand cider, this will definitely get you that Autumn apple cider experience that everyone wants.

J.P. Licks is currently open for takeout and delivery all over the Boston area. Check https://jplicks.com/ for specific location hours.