Jeni’s Ice Cream took its best shot at recreating six classic flavors: Black & White Cookies, Candied Ginger, Green Mint Chip, Cherries Jubilee, Orange Sherbet and Pralines & Cream. After interviewing an employee and extensive taste testing, I have ranked the limited edition American Licks below. However, I totally understand if you feel the need to taste test all six flavors again so that you can double check my ranking. I mean, who wouldn’t want a valid excuse to eat more Jeni’s?

6. Orange Sherbet

Photo courtesy of @jenisicecreams

Unfortunately, the store location has not yet received this flavor. Therefore, Orange Sherbet is ranked last by default.

Fun Food Fact: Sherbet is a federally defined term for a frozen dessert that contains only 1-2% milk fat.

5. Candied Ginger

Photo courtesy of @jenisicecreams

Jeni’s employee’s opinion: “Like really gingery but softer”

I thought that the ginger flavor was a bit overwhelming, and there was an excess of candied ginger pieces. The ice cream reminded me of the ginger served at sushi restaurants.

Fun Food Fact: Jeni’s Candied Ginger ice cream is colored with beets.

4. Green Mint Chip

Photo courtesy of @jenisicecreams

Thoughts from a Jeni’s personnel: “Reminiscent of the classic, but mintier. The chocolate chunks are big”

I thought that the ice cream was delicious. However, the green mint chip wasn’t necessarily unique. It tasted just like Blue Bell’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. The only difference was that Jeni’s Green Mint Chip had a creamier texture than the store-bought ice cream.

Fun Food Fact: Mint chocolate chip ice cream was created by a culinary student, Marilyn Ricketts, for a competition that would feature the winner’s ice cream at Princess Ann’s wedding.

3. Pralines & Cream

Photo courtesy of @jenisicecreams

Scoop from a skilled ice cream scooper: “Contains molasses candied pecans and tastes like sweet potato pie”

The Pralines & Cream tasted like vanilla ice cream with a hint of praline flavor. The pecans were soft, which added the perfect texture. I liked that this flavor was not overly sweet.

Fun Food Fact: Americans adapted the praline that was invented in France by substituting the traditionally used almonds for pecans.

2. Black & White Cookies

Photo courtesy of @jenisicecreams

Insight from a Jeni’s personnel: “Made with white chocolate flakes and vanilla dark chocolate truffle cookies that are made from scratch”

I thought Jeni’s version was significantly better than store bought cookies and cream ice cream. The ice cream was filled with fluffy, pillow-like cookies.

Fun Food Fact: Cookies and cream ice cream was originally trademarked by Blue Bell, which would make any Texas girl proud.

1. Cherries Jubilee

Photo courtesy of @jenisicecreams

Expert employee’s excitement: “My favorite of the American Licks! It is made with brandy ice cream and filled with perfect flambé cherries”

This was by far my favorite flavor! The cherries add a fun, almost boba-like texture. The brandy gives the ice cream a rich flavor without being overwhelming or overly sweet.

Fun Food Fact: Cherries jubilee was first prepared by Auguste Escoffier for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Photo courtesy of @jenisicecreams

Although these American Licks are great, you can’t go wrong with any Jeni’s ice cream flavor. Some of my favorites include churro (#Spoontip top this flavor with bitter-sweet chocolate sauce), wildberry lavender, salted peanut butter, and salty caramel. Lick on, America!