Located in West Village, Jeffrey's Grocery is the perfect spot for a seafood-themed, sophisticated Sunday brunch. Whether you're going with a small group of friends or showing your parents around the Village, Jeffrey's will accommodate all of your avocado toast and oyster tower needs. 

As you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with classic rock music and a lively staff, ready to serve you the best nautical breakfast your taste buds have ever experienced. Vintage knick-knacks and posters decorate the restaurant, adding to the cozy feel of the space. The pressed-tin ceiling with its hanging archaic fans, top it all off by giving it an overall antiqued ambiance.

Shannen Kogos

My absolute favorite dish at Jeffrey's is their crab and avocado toast. It is by far the most underrated avocado toast in New York City. The crab and avocado toast is decorated with creamy, smashed avocado mixed with strings of crab. Lemon, malt vinegar, chili flakes, and soy give it that kick it needs. To top it all off, the toast sports bonito, which are Asian tuna flakes. What a perfect way to get your daily serving of protein.

If you're with a relative or a friend who is vegetarian or vegan, Jeffrey's side order of avocado toast is a perfect balance of chili flakes, lemon and fresh avocado on thick bread. The greatest thing about this dish is it's less than $10 which is a rare sight to see in the culture of New York City avocado toast

Jeffrey's Grocery is also famous for its weekend Fresser Platter for Two. The platter comes with smoked sable, house-cured lox, smoked salmon, whitefish salad, soft scrambled eggs with caviar, latkes, creme fraiche with salmon roe, and a side of bread. This platter is an excellent way to indulge in your seafood obsession.

If you plan on going to Jeffery's with any children, I recommend their pancakes topped with pumpkin butter, toasted pecans, and whipped cream. The pairing of pumpkin and fluffy pancakes is phenomenal. My six-year-old brother seemed to enjoy them despite his hesitation to break his strict diet of chicken nuggets and french fries. 

Overall, Jeffrey's Grocery is a great American-Seafood restaurant. Their whimsical pairing of crab and avocado on toast is my personal favorite, but their menu provides a wide variety of food for people of all tastebud preferences.


Breakfast: Monday-Friday 8am-11:30am

Lunch: Monday- Friday 11:30am-4pm

Weekend Brunch: Saturday & Sunday 9:30am-4pm

Dinner: Sunday-Wednesday 6pm-11pm,Thursday-Saturday 6pm-1am

Dinner Reservations Accepted for Groups up to 4 on Resy.

Price Range: $$-$$$