As the holiday season is here, you go back home and visit your family, which means your mom will probably make you come with her everywhere they go. That's what happened to me as they dragged me to a small Christmas event, which was honestly rather boring until one thing caught my eye—a donut food truck called Jayne Dough.

Jayne Dough is a small mobile donut shop that doesn't really have a particular location to set up. Instead, they go to special events and cater them.

According to their website, they are known for their potato donuts that are made of fresh, local Florida potatoes. Unfortunately, they didn't have any when I went. However, they did have some unique flavors.

I did the most reasonable thing when I saw the donut shop. I went straight to my dad and tried to convinced him to buy one of each flavor, and somehow I succeeded. I'm still not sure how. So, here are my thoughts on the donuts I ate from Jayne Dough.

Alexandra Torres-Perez

There were two donut options in the food truck: cake and raised. Each option had its unique flavor. The cake donuts were drier than the raised donuts, and were also more firm. On the other hand, raised donuts were fluffy and doughy, which is why I preferred them.

Alexandra Torres-Perez

My favorites...

My top three donuts were the maple bacon donut, birthday cake with sprinkles donut, and the cinnamon and spice donut.

The maple bacon donut was the perfect combination of salty and sweet. The bacon was crispy and not too salty. It's saltiness was contrasted by the sweet icing and maple syrup. Also, the crispiness of the bacon went great with the fluffiness of the raised donut. 

The birthday cake with sprinkles donuts was fluffy and sweet—maybe a little too sweet for my preference. However, the texture of combining something crunchy and fluffy was something I really enjoyed on this donut as well. The flavor was definitely birthday cake without it being overbearing and tasting like straight up cake batter. It was the perfect combination of cake and donut. 

Finally, the cinnamon and spice donut was amazing. It was like eating a cinnamon pretzel, except in donut form. I don't know how they did it, but it was delicious and I highly recommend it.

You might be able to catch Jayne Dough and try these delicious donuts at the Riverside Arts Market, which occurs every Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm.  Trust me, you "donut" want to miss them.