If you live in South Campus, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Japonaise Bakery on Beacon Street. From their irresistible Totoro-looking bread to their ichigo cream, the pastries at Japonaise are the best of both worlds. They look and taste astounding at the same time. 


Nicole Marino

This Japanese sweet dough has a melon pan cookie crust, filled with chocolate custard cream.

Interestingly enough, these melon pans contain no melons. Instead, they can be filled with chocolate chips or in this case, custard. These have a light and fluffy inside with a smooth and crispy outside. Not to mention it's one of the cutest pastries at Japonaise Bakery.

Japonaise Cake

Nicole Marino

This gorgeous cake manages to be soft, possessing the perfect level of sponginess. Taste-wise, the green tea truly takes the lead. And I cannot take my eyes of the glorious and inviting topmost layer. Well done, Japonaise Bakery.

Boston Creme

Nicole Marino

A twist on the quintessential Boston Cream Pie, who would have thought that orange zest would pair so well? Japonaise Bakery's Boston Creme is evidence that the possibilities are endless when it comes to innovating and creating desserts. This fusion is top-notch.

Fruit Tart

Nicole Marino

For a fruit tart to be elite, it has to be creamy, but not too heavy with cream. The fruits have to be fresh and tart and the pastry base should be crumbly enough, but not to the point where it falls apart. This fruit tart at Japanoise Bakery fits the elite criteria. 


Nicole Marino

They also have an amusing selection of drinks, most of them not available at other stores on campus.

There really is a variety at Japonaise Bakery. Bubble tea, mochi, sweet and savory scones, bread pudding, raisin buns and many more. Don't wait until your last semester on campus to try these elegant, well-crafted and yummy treats.