Walking into Jack Rose Dining Saloon, your eyes immediately go to the walls. They're mesmerizing. The three walls of the main dining room are lined with whiskey-filled shelves (the front is all windows). Currently boasting 2,687 bottles of whiskey on display, Jack Rose has the largest whiskey selection in the Western Hemisphere.

The collection includes single malt scotch, blended scotch, international whiskey, Irish whiskey, and domestic whiskey. The single malt scotch collection alone consists of varieties from six regions – Campbeltown, Highlands, Islands, Islay, Lowland, and Speyside – as well as Scotch Malt Whiskey Society selections, which are bottled from a single cask.

The international selection includes options from five countries, including Japan, which has emerged as a strong distiller of fine whiskies in recent years and won the Whiskey Bible 2015 “World Whiskey of the Year” award. Other varieties are available from Belgium, Canada, India, and Wales. However, the Irish selections make up a section all their own. The domestic varieties include bourbon and rye in addition to American whiskey.

What makes the collection at Jack Rose most special is the rare bottles collection. This includes whiskies aged over 40 years and whiskies distilled 100 years ago, as well as special edition and reserve selections. Here, you can try whiskies you may not be able to find anywhere else.

Each option on the menu is available in 1 or 2-oz pours. Tasting flights are also offered. All the bartenders and wait staff are extremely knowledgeable about the choices and can help guests choose something that best suits their palate from the extensive list.

Although whiskey is clearly the highlight at Jack Rose, it's not all they have to offer. They also offer beer, with a reserve list of special and limited edition craft beers. Many of these are rare or no longer in production.

They also have unique craft cocktails created by their own mixologist, many of which are whiskey-based, but not excluding other spirits. Guests can also enjoy cigars with their drinks.

In addition to the main dining room, Jack Rose also has an open-air terrace with its own bar and menu, a balcony room for private parties, and a tiki bar. There is also a whiskey cellar where you can find both whiskey on tap and a rotating draft beer selection.

Downstairs is a speakeasy-style bar called Dram & Grain that serves as a place for guests to learn about whiskey and cocktails as much as to enjoy them.

For all whiskey lovers—from connoisseurs to those looking to try new things—Jack Rose is a must. Nowhere else can such variety and such unique offerings be found. From the atmosphere to the meals, Jack Rose is more than just whiskey: it's an experience.