All-American burgers, fries, and shakes make for the perfect study break. Here at AU, our on-campus source for such cuisine is in the northeast corner of the Mary Graydon Center—and has long been a student favorite. Campus dining staff used the summer holiday to remodel the former Wonk Burger joint into True Burger, featuring a sleeker interior design and a more intriguing menu. Here’s what to know before sitting down to enjoy your next burger.

Ordering (Dis)Order

Seasoned Wonk Burger patrons knew a couple key things about their favorite fast-food spot: have a second-choice order in mind and be ready to pounce once your receipt number is called. (It isn’t pretty for those who dawdle.) The ingredient shortage situation hasn’t improved since last summer’s refurbishment; one evening I arrived only to be told that True Burger had run out of burgers. Laughing, I walked away and resolved to try my luck the following day. The burgers were in stock for my second visit, but not the ketchup, bottled water, utensils, or napkins. Consequently, it was a supremely messy, albeit enjoyable meal.

Elliott Parrish

I have taken to ordering through Grubhub, which makes it easy to customize one’s desired sides and toppings. The digital ordering system is pretty much seamless. In a time crunch, it’s ideal to place an order before arriving. The platform accepts meal swipes and makes picking up a burger in-between classes a great deal less rushed.

The cheese used at True Burger is exclusively American; no other type of cheese is available here. Fortunately for some, patrons can request that the chef leave it off their order.

Magnificent Menu

Here’s what keeps me returning to True Burger: the new and inspired selection of toppings you can get on every burger. I’m partial to the California Burger myself, which features avocado, lettuce, tomato, onions, and thick cut smoked bacon. It is best enjoyed with the signature Sweet Tangy House Sauce and will transport eagles hailing from the Golden State back to their In-N-Out roots.

The Breakfast Burger is another fabulous choice, especially for late sleepers rolling out of bed for a weekday brunch. Crispy hashbrowns and a fried egg adorn this creation, making for a memorable and hearty treat to power you through the day.

Meanwhile, the Mac N Cheeseburger is a monstrosity akin to something Guy Fieri would pick up on one of his DDD episodes. Don’t order it for a light meal. 

The beef burger here is generally quite good—thinner and less charred than the meatless Beyond Burger. But for those fonder of poultry: turkey burgers, chicken tenders, and vegetarian “chicken” tenders are also on the menu.

Shake it Up

True Burger doesn’t try to compete with Tenleytown’s Z-Burger and its array of 85 shake flavors; instead, it offers a classic trio of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. I tried the vanilla and found it to be delightfully thick and creamy. Diners mourning the closing of Create (now replaced by Halal Shack and Baba’s Pizza) will appreciate these hand-spun dairy specialties.

Fryday Favorites

Elliott Parrish

All the toppings offered on the burgers here are also available on the fries, meaning there are Americana, California, and Breakfast boats of fries on the menu. (However, fancy "loaded" fries are not included with a meal swipe). Of course, purists can still enjoy their standard Sweet n Spicy fries with ketchup—assuming the condiment station hasn’t run out. There are even menu-special Mac N Cheese fries and fried Mac N Cheese Bites exclusively for students ordering through the Grubhub app. Having tasted the latter, this triangle-shaped, bite-sized novelty is a stellar snack, and definitely worth ordering; your Eagle Bucks will not be spent in vain.

In conclusion, I recommend True Burger to anyone seeking a change of pace from the usual fast-food experience. The creative additions AU Dining has made to this institution are worth celebrating, and I appreciate the innovative and tasty new menu gracing the Mary Graydon Center this year.