New York City is known for its tourist destinations, Broadway shows, and unique restaurants and shops. If you have scrolled through Instagram within the last year, then you have probably seen Momofuku Milk Bar somewhere on your feed. I decided to take a trip to Milk Bar in New York City to see if it lived up to the hype and let's just say the outcome was unexpected. 

Where Is It?

Milk Bar has several locations in New York City, Las Vegas, Washington DC, and Toronto. I went to the Midtown location on 15 W56th street directly off of the F-line. The shop was extremely tiny and was located in the lobby of a Momofuku restaurant. 


The midtown location was very small and overcrowded with the line reaching outside of the door. The lighting was very dim and there was no seating space as it was in the front of a restaurant. The employees could have been friendlier as they appeared to be used to the popularity of the shop and were directing guests to not block the door even though there was no room to move causing for numerous of confused customers including myself. I could definitely see the hype of the place as it is a trendy store with vibrant colors and tasty treats, but I can not picture myself coming back especially to this location.

What You Can Order

Located on a brightly colored chalkboard, the menu was full of different desserts that one could choose from including milkshakes, ice cream, truffles, cakes, pies, cookies, and more. Some of Milk's most popular items include their birthday cake, soft-serve cereal milk ice cream, and crack pie. 

Birthday Cake Truffles

The birthday cake truffles are bite sized versions of their famous 6" birthday cake. The truffles consist of vanilla rainbow cake, vanilla infused milk, white chocolate, and rainbow cake crumbs. A package of 3 truffles cost $6.00 and a dozen costs around $25. I ordered the truffles and they were not what I was expecting. I was expecting birthday cake in a ball, but instead I had a nearly frozen ball of sprinkles. The same experience occurred when I tried the birthday cake milkshake since it was basically crushed up truffles and milk. They were not the worst desserts I have ever tried, but I definitely was let down by the lack of flavor and texture.  

Crack Pie

The Crack Pie from Milk Bar is a fan favorite and consists of a toasted oat crust and a gooey butter filling. A slice of this pie costs $6 and the whole pie costs around $48 dollars. I did not have the time to try this pie on my last visit, but Instagram user @DrChingers had a raving review of this treat saying: "It’s freaking delicious wish I got a whole damn pie!" 

Cereal Milk Ice Cream

If you are tired of the classic vanilla ice cream, then Milk might be the place for you. Milk is known for their soft serve cereal milk ice cream which according to their website "tastes just like the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cornflakes!" This soft serve consists of milk, cornflakes, brown sugar and a pinch of salt to create a unique and savory flavor. Customers can purchase this for $5.50 and add toppings for an additional cost. 

Overall Thoughts

I do not think Milk Bar is worth the hype despite the desserts being Instagram worthy. From the crowded small space to the bland and frozen cake truffles, I do not think it is worth the trip or hype. I did visit on a Saturday night around 5pm which might have been a reason behind the large crowd, but I do not think that is the reason for the lack of flavor in the products and the semi-rude employees. I am willing to give Milk Bar another chance on a weekday and at a different location because I know from experience that it might just have been an off day, but I was not given the first impression that I was hoping for which left me disappointed.