College is often known as one of the most stressful times for a student's educational career, and during this arduous journey, students often forget to have fun and take a break. For many, the obvious way to escape this horrendous cycle is to go eat with friends, and what better way to get rid of stress than having brunch?! When it comes to brunch, or even breakfast and lunch for that matter, Milk and Honey Cafe seems to be a popular choice not only among Brooklyn College students due to the proximity to campus, but also people from all backgrounds and ages. As the popularity of this place increases, it's reasonable to ask if it's worth all the hype, and our verdict is a definite yes because of the delicious items on their menu, a beautifully designed interior, and calming atmosphere.

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Denise Uy


Milk and honey is famous for many of their breakfast menu items, but they are mainly known for their coffees, teas, and iced drinks. Their cappuccino with cream leaf milk is especially popular. Not only is it just the perfect amount of sweetness but it is visually appealing and just perfect for taking cute pictures. However, if you are looking for something cooler and refreshing to lift your mood, their lemonade and the watermelon cooler hits the spot. 

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Amy Cho


After coffee, it is time to transition to breakfast. Their menu consists of many items including omelettes and sandwiches that will help you kickstart the day in the most perfect way. They also have fresh, crispy croissants and toasts to go along with the meal. One of their most popular breakfast items is the Crème brûlée french toast. The richness of the french toast is perfectly balanced with the sweet white topping and the fresh fruits. It is definitely one of a kind.

Zenab Jamil


The also have a plethora of lunch options along with slightly lighter options. For instance, they have a wide selection of refreshing garden salads for a healthier option along with cookies and pastries for a dessert option. They are also very well known for their flatbreads, which are very popular for the lunch menu. Not only do they have a vegetarian option with roasted vegetables, but they also have chicken flatbreads. They even have a mediterranean option. Their warm and toasty crust coupled with just the right amount of toppings will bring an immense amount of satisfaction to your stomach for sure

Zenab Jamil

So, don't wait around and miss out on the opportunity to be brunching at this cafe with your friends. After the stresses of finals week, this is definitely the place to be!