The WFU community is excited to welcome Campus Gas, a new restaurant and bar that will open on November 2nd. This lot, for most of my time here, has simply been an eerie looking abandoned gas station. However, within the next month we are excited to see it revamped into what I presume will be a new go-to spot for students to hang out and eat at after classes end. 

About three years ago, three WFU grads, John Clowney, Will Volker, and Ben Ingold brainstormed opening a restaurant in this spot. Two years ago, they started the re-zoning process. Six months ago, they started the renovations. In less than a month, Campus Gas will be opening its doors yet again for all to visit, keeping the original 1965 structure and integrity (and sign!). Here are some things you should expect to see:

-Revamped gas pumps put back into their original spot

-A 26ft family style dining table custom made to fit under the canopy

-Plenty of ourdoor seating (dog friendly of course!)

-Outdoor games

-Southern comfort food

-Flat screen TV’s showing any and all games (especially ones Wake’s playing)

-20+ taps with local beer and Bull City Cider


-Merchandisers holding local goodies for sale

-Take out for when you’re in a rush

-A place for everyone to come and hang out!


Campus Gas will be one of the closest dining options available to students off campus. With backgrounds in real-estate, business, and breweries, the three guys certainly did not specialize in making food or running a restaurant. As they came up with the potential menu, it was blatantly clear that in order for the restaurant to succeed, it needed to have 1) simple and straight-forward menu items and 2) crowd pleasers. Southern food, with the comfort of home checks both boxes. When talking to Ben and Cara Ingold, I got the inside scoop: you MUST try the BLT and the Pimento Cheese sandwich.


Beer is a must (if you are over 21) and, with 20 taps of local beer from the Carolinas, you might have to try them all! Additionally, ciders from Bull City Ciders will be on tap and there will be a wine selection, so if beer isn’t your go-to drink you will have other options. Campus Gas, on their Instagram (@campusgaswfu) even asked for recommendations so they can have a killer lineup on their opening day that satisfies all beer lovers. Want to know my suggestion? Cintraquent’l by Heist Brewery in Charlotte. ALSO: You will be able to bring home anything on tap in a growler.    

The Vibe

Why did these three guys decide to open a restaurant in this location? Because there is nothing else like it in Winston Salem, especially that is walking distance from campus. The aim of Campus Gas is to create a location in which everyone is welcome and where everyone wants to hang out. From students, to faculty and even locals, it will be a place for everyone to come grab a bite and try some local beers. With friends on a Saturday night or even grabbing a BLT before classes, there is something for everyone here. Its design and atmosphere will take you back to the 60’s. This new hot spot is a place where the University and the community can come together as one and enjoy. 

Why will this be the new go-to place? As mentioned earlier, there is nothing like it and I imagine nothing will ever be like it again. Campus Gas, with the original structures and local pride, is impossible to duplicate. You will not want to miss a trip to Campus Gas. You heard it here first.

Campus Gas is having their Grand Opening on November 2, 2018. Please follow their Instagram @campusgaswfu for more updates!