How Insomnia Came To Be

Insomnia Cookies are planning to open a new location in the heart of Eugene—and they’re taking late-night sweet treats to a whole new level. Founded by then-student Seth Berkowitz at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, Insomnia began in a college dorm and has worked to provide sweet snacks for college students ever since. At first, Insomnia specialized in delivering cookies to students in dorm rooms, but as the years have gone by, the company has expanded to deliver to any address near their locations. With over 100 locations nation-wide, Insomnia Cookies has swept the nation.

A Truly Sweet Menu

However, their menu does not only offer cookies, as they also have “cookiewiches,” ice cream in the middle of two cookies, or ice cream by itself. Traditional cookie flavors are the chocolate chunk, classic with M&Ms, sugar, double chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia, snickerdoodle, double chocolate mint and peanut butter cup. If that long list of options wasn’t enough for you, Deluxe cookie flavors are the triple chocolate chunk, s'more and chocolate peanut butter cup. Cookiewiches are for the hungrier customer—they have vanilla ice cream in between two cookies of your choice. Ice cream is also available in small, medium and large sizes, as well as pints and quarts. On the side, you can also order a brownie, cookie or deluxe cookie a la mode, served with ice cream on top. You can also mix in a variety of toppings into the ice cream as well.

Sweet Deals and Features

Since college students are not exactly the most wealthy people on the planet, Insomnia offers a variety of deals for hungry students alone or in big groups too. Cookie deals come by the number of cookies you want; “The Six Pack” contains six traditional cookies, “The Sugar Rush,” has 12 traditional cookies, “The Major Rager” has 18 traditional cookies and the “B.M.O.C,” which has 24 traditional cookies. For special occasions, you can also order 10” or mini cookie cakes with customized cake messages available. In addition to delivering cookies until 3 a.m., you also have the option of shipping cookies to anyone near a location on their website. So if you’re feeling generous for a friend having a stressful finals week or it's your long-distance significant other's birthday, their cookie delivery service should do the trick. Not to mention, their website features a cookie tracker while your delivery person is on their way to you, which tells you where your cookie delivery is and when it is estimated to arrive at your doorstep.

College can be stressful and midterms just plain suck. But sometimes all you need is a little sweet treat to get you through that late-night study session at the library. When, not if you find yourself in this situation during your time at the University of Oregon, you'll now be able to turn to Insomnia Cookies to satisfy that very craving for cookies at 3 a.m.