What's New?

Need a late night snack or something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Well, Insomnia Cookies is coming to Pullman! Insomnia Cookies is a cookie company that is all about delivering cookies. What a game changer, am I right? However, you can still pick up in store too if you would like. It'll be located at 902 NE Colorado Street; right next to The Coug. 

If you want cookies delivered it's a very easy process. You simply go onto their website and place an order which you will then receive a cookie tracker which keeps you updated on the status of your order. Deliveries tend to take about 30-45 minutes. The best part is having it opened till 3 am which includes deliveries too. There are tons of cookies to choose from such as sugar, snickerdoodle, chocolate mint, peanut butter chip, etc. They also sell cookie sandwiches and the ice cream itself.

I hope you all are as excited about their opening as I am. Why not end your night with a tall glass of milk and some delicious fresh cookies? Keep an eye out for their opening since there isn't a set date yet!