You know that extra hungry feeling you get when you have only 20 minutes to get to your next class and no time to sit down for lunch? The slugs at Science Hill totally know and when they are looking for lunch on the go, they hit Cruz 'N Gourmet for some tasty world food. 

Robin Kopf

The Food

World food is exactly what it sounds and tastes like; it's mouthwatering food from around the world. Not to mention, everything on their menu is between $3-$8! Cruz 'N Gourmet serves incredible curries from India, Africa, and the West Indies. Most of the menu items circulate, but on the same kind of menu you'll also find a Louisiana hotlink, a Southwest chicken burrito, and a sweet Indonesian pulled pork that will rock your world. 

Robin Kopf

Their African Curry is one of their rotating vegetarian options, full of vegetables, chickpeas, coconut milk, and peanut. Like a curry should be, it was jam packed with unexpected flavors. It was creamy, peanut-y and not too spicy- which makes for an outstanding option if you only have 10 minutes to eat and no time to guzzle down a whole bottle of water (like I did). The chickpeas and hearty serving of rice made it just as filling as it was tasty!

This colorful dish is their signature Sweet Indonesian Pulled Pork Rice Bowl and it has a special place in my heart. The pulled pork is rich and tender and the purple cabbage slaw on top adds a creamy accompaniment to cut through the richness of the pork. The gravy itself has hints of ginger and orange, making for a well-balanced flavor profile. It is my favorite dish when I am looking for something hearty. It also eats well as a burrito- perfect for walking and eating.

Meet Kathy and Daric

Robin Kopf

This cute couple is Kathy and Daric Wallace and they have owned and operated Cruz 'N Gourmet since 2011. They are up at 7:30 every morning prepping food for lunch service that runs from around 11:30 to 2:15 every day at Baskin Circle on UCSC's campus. They started the truck because they didn't want to conform to the style of a restaurant.

"We looked for restaurants all over Santa Cruz and there was nothing that was even feasible for us to do," says Kathy Wallace. 

They didn't just come up with the concept of world food out of thin air; they traveled and ate around the world. 

"We‘ve been all around the world...[the recipes] are inspired by food that we’ve had. We found a curry in Trinidad, Tobago that we loved, so when we made it back to the states, [Daric] came up with a similar curry. He comes up with [recipes] all on his own."

Robin Kopf

They may usually have a line, but their service is fast and the food is totally worth it. They are on campus everyday, but they also cater events. Find them on Twitter @cruzngourmet and on Facebook for live updates about where they are and where they are going to be. Grab a bite next time you're on campus!