Nicknamed "Hostess City of the South," Savannah, Georgia

truly did not disappoint. From the family friendly atmosphere during the day, to the ghost tours and vibrant bars at night, this diverse city has something to do for everyone in the family. But of course y’all know the real reason for traveling in the first place, and that is (drumroll please) the food. Savannah possesses an array of choices when it comes to the different cuisines offered. Written from a tourist's point of view, this is a list of the must-see eats in Savannah.


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Brandy Artis

I always make sure to have breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day. For an inexpensive place for breakfast eats in Savannah with the quality still way up high, Goose Feathers Café is the place to go. It is a small eatery that packs a big punch without the putting a hole in your wallet. Don't let the lines out the door discourage you from walking into this free-spirited eatery. Despite popular belief, the line actually moves quite quickly. As soon as you walk in, guests are immediately greeted with a menu and a smile, which is great if you're a morning person and refreshing if you're not. If you're anything like me (I am not a morning person in the slightest), just consider this culture shock and tell yourself it's normal in the South.

Brandy Artis

I ordered a ginormous breakfast burrito stuffed with ham, egg and gooey Vermont white cheddar cheese with a side order of oven-roasted rosemary new potatoes, and salsa on the side. This delectable meal was less than ten dollars per person. Though, there are less expensive options on their menu for those who really want to save their coins.


You absolutely cannot go to Savannah without visiting the Queen's restaurant, the Queen being Paula Deen of course. She basically created the framework for eats in Savannah. The Lady and Sons restaurant is a tourist magnet that will not leave you dissatisfied. There is a rumor that Paula Deen will even stop by every so often to say hi to the guests. Fortunately, she wasn't there on my visit because I'm pretty sure I would have completely lost it. Everyone loves Paula Deen. 

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Brandy Artis

There might be a bit of the wait, but don't worry, there is a Paula Deen gift shop, yes I repeat, a Paula Deen gift shop for you to look around in while you wait. I'd describe the atmosphere like Cracker Barrel but cozier. A menu is presented along with complimentary hoecakes and cheddar biscuits that I'm pretty sure were created by angels. Honestly, my whole meal could have been those damn biscuits and I wouldn't have complained one bit. The menu has a wonderful selection of Southern delicacies such as shrimp and grits, fried chicken, black eyed peas, butter beans, and fried green tomatoes. For true foodies with stomachs of steels, try the all-you-can eat buffet for $18 to get the best of the best eats in Savannah.

Brandy Artis

With this buffet you get unlimited access to the salad bar, then the main buffet which is equipped with copious amounts of fried chicken and other "main course" options, all paired with an abundance of fattening but healthy for the soul sides. They included macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and collard greens. After your stomach is stuffed to the brim, the waiter asks if you have room for your complimentary dessert.  The two options are Banana Pie and Paula's famous Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. This would be sure to put you into a food coma just in time for your afternoon nap. 


Want a less hearty option for dinner? Well you might have to find somewhere else to eat because you're on vacation in Savannah, and the eats in Savannah are nothing but tasty. Besides, calories don't count on vacation. The Green Truck Neighborhood Pub is the perfect option for dinner with something on the menu that everyone can enjoy. They are known for their grass-fed, all-natural beef burgers, their cage-free chicken, and their vegetarian options that are sure to serve as crowd pleasers for even the pickiest eaters in the group. It also has a variety of local beers because after all, it is a pub.

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The Green Truck is one of those places that has so many options when it comes to burgers that each time you go it will never get old. But, let's talk about the secret heavyweight champion of the entire menu...the french fries. Crispy on the outside but fluffy like a cumulus cloud on the inside, they are perfection. I don't think have never devoured fries so fast in my life. Each little golden shoestring had the perfect amount of salt. These fries were so good I thought to myself "Could I just live off of these fries without dying of malnourishment?" a couple of times. They even have their own house-made ketchup for dipping. 

Dessert (Part One): 

There are two must-see places in Savannah for desserts, and you're on vacation, so anything goes. If you're in the mood for candy, fudge, chocolate covered pretzels, caramel apples, or good ole' Southern pralines, Savannah's Candy Kitchen is the place for you! 

Brandy Artis

You will feel like the real life kid in a candy store with all of the options lining the walls. There are even free samples. Yes, I repeat, free samples. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first due to the literal barrels of sweet nuggets, but try not to get too upset. Take a deep breath, let it all in, and let all of the sugary flakes fuel you. Get a bag and let loose. You have your entire life to adult; be a kid again for a moment. Once again, calories do not count on vacation.

Brandy Artis

#SpoonTip: You can buy this candy online and get it shipped to your house. Winning.

Dessert (Part Two):

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If you're not into the candy realm, don't worry. There is another Savannah staple that you should try...Leopold's Ice Cream. This iconic ice cream shop has been a part of Savannah since 1919. Celebrities from all over the world make it a point to stop at this ice cream eatery, and you should too. Once again, do not let the line turn you away. The ice cream is well worth the wait. It is as authentic as it gets!

Although my trip to Savannah was short, I was left with a lasting impression when it comes to the food. Savannah made an imprint on my stomach and my heart without leaving a mark on my wallet. I may not have met Paula Deen, but there will always be the next trip. Savannah beyond a doubt put some deep South in this military brat's mouth. Refer to this article anytime you need to know how a day of eats looks in Savannah's streets.