I looked out the car window to see Indiana Cottesloe and immediately thought it looked like a charming place, perfect for some lunch and to catch up with family or friends. Located right next to the beach, it was bound to have some amazing views, and I was sure the food would be as amazing as well.

When we walked in, I immediately noticed the charming interior and décor. There was a huge fireplace, a classy interior decorated primarily by wood and big glass windows where one could see a picturesque view of the Indian Ocean. The atmosphere was cozy and warmed the entire restaurant.

Indiana Cottesloe

Photo by Lara Taniguchi

I ordered the fish and chips to share with my mom, and it was a good thing we did because the portions were huge. Two large pieces of fish with a wire basket heaping of fries were brought out on a beautiful wooden tray. On the side was a fresh slice of lemon, pickled onion, and of course, my favorite tartar sauce.

The crunchy batter and soft, melt-in-your-mouth fish were both cooked to perfection. Some freshly squeezed lemon and the tartare sauce added an excellent kick, and gave another dimension of taste to the already perfectly seasoned fish. The fresh chips on the side were an added bonus, and were great with the tartare sauce as well.

I highly recommend making a reservation to Indiana Cottesloe not just for its amazing food, but for the full experience of sitting right next to the beautiful beach, in a relaxed atmosphere with family and or friends. There is something so peaceful and pleasant about watching blue waves crashing down on the beachfront while enjoying a special time with the people important to you.