India, in the recent years, has been a home for a lot of budding entrepreneurs. Any idea which seems to be vague today might turn into a business worth millions in future. One such budding idea is, which provides a platform to buy and sell homemade stuff., the brainchild of Pulkit Naupal, is an online portal that enables Indian home-based entrepreneurs to sell their handmade and homemade stuff. At the same time, it provides the customers a zomato-like platfrom, where they can find homemade stuff under different categories ranging from beauty, caricatures to DIYs, best-out-of-waste, recycle, etc.

1. Different Idea

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A person with a hidden talent or skill might be living next door, but we might not be aware of this gift that the person has. Founder Pulkit Naupal very well understands the need for this upbringing flair to be known and recognized in the country. 

So, he came up with the idea of starting an online portal, where these hidden gems of the country can get an opportunity to promote and expand their business. He believes in the concept of "Anything Handmade, Everything Homemade" and welcomes everyone from a mother running a catering service to a grandmother knitting sweaters and blankets to be a part of the family.

2. Cake O' Frost

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What attracted our attention towards was definitely Food. Cake O' Frost is a home-bakery that collaborated with as one of its subscribers. It's founded by sisters Sanyam and Prachi, who decided to leave their established careers and turn their passion of baking into a business. Since October 2015, the sister-duo is "following what they love", i.e., Baking.

They are specializing in customized cakes, cupcakes, egg-less products and also do delivery for wedding cakes.

3. Choco Fairy

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Have you ever thought that making homemade chocolates could be turned into a flourishing business? Well, if you haven't, then,  The Choco Fairy is a living example for you.

The Choco Fairy is another home-based startup which aims at mixing love and passion to add sweetness in the life of their customers through customized egg-less chocolates, pies and cookies.

4. What's More at

One can also buy and sell DIYs, beauty products, caricatures and recycled products at

Pulkit modifies the concept of "Make in India" by insisting on "Make at Home", which eventually begins with you. So, if you've an interest in homemade stuff or knows someone whose skills with handmade things can become their means of income, register here with and become a part of their expanding family.