International House of Pancakes

Ah, the International House of Pancakes. The perfect place to get your pancake fix and have breakfast food all day. I would say the best time to go to IHOP is at night because no brunch lovers are around then, only the true breakfast lovers eat breakfast at night. Wait, is IHOP no longer the loved International House of Pancakes??? How can this be? IHOP=Ihob


It's true. IHOP has officially changed it's name to IHOb. Now even I know as an avid breakfast lover that this must be a marketing hoax but let me tell you, all the other brands are having a bit of fun with this name change. The International House of "Burgers" better make a boat load off of their new burgers if they are going to withstand this comedic relief found from IHOb. I will list just some of the examples. 

One of my favorites yet is the small jab that Burger King took at IHOP with their remake in Pancake King. 


So since the world is supposed to accept IHOP as IHOb now and eat burgers at IHOP what burgers does IHOb even offer? Well let me tell you. Such names include The Classic which includes 100% Angus Beef with classic toppings of cheese, lettuce, tomato, signature IHOP sauce, pickles and onions all on a brioche bun. Other options include The Cowboy  (pictured) a burger including onion rings, bacon, and bbq sauce in it, The Jalapeno Kick with bacon, pepperjack cheese and roasted jalapenos. A Mushroom and Swiss burger and a burger called the Mega Monster are also offered, which is essentially a double cheeseburger featuring American and White Cheddar Cheese. 

The Big Brunch

I read a review on the new IHOb burgers and this one had gotten the best reviews. It also looked to have the most interesting of toppings with hickory smoked bacon, a fried egg, crispy browned potatoes and signature IHOP sauce. 


A big plus to ordering a burger from IHOP is unlimited fries! Also for a limited time a free soft drink or iced tea is given when one tries one of their burgers. If I went I definitely would want to try The Big Brunch burger seeing as its not straying too far from IHOP's specialty of breakfast items but it is in burger form. 

All in all don't sleep on IHOP's burgers just because social media is having some fun with the IHOb name. :)